Meet the Family

I am completed by my "Mrs", Heather a mother, nurse, advocate, cook, confidant, comic, and so much more.  She is a person that listens to what is said, someone who is honest and tells you the truth, someone who communicates all the time, and shows me the respect that I truly deserve. She is the best. She is everything I could ever ask for in a women.

Then I have my ten year old Emily. She is very artistic. Em loves music, TV, reading and being outside with her friends. She is very smart. In school she is being tested and is able to due much harder work in school. She is loving it. She has the attitude of a teenager. No surprise most 10 years old kids I know do.

Then I have my 8yr old Brandon. He is autistic. He is non verbal, although he is learning to say many word, and is practicing mimicking and such.  He loves puzzles and can work on multiple 100 piece puzzle at a time. He enjoys watching TV and movies.  He attends school and therapy in Iowa and he lives with his mother.

Then I have Jace a typical 7yr old. Very boy without a doubt. He loves to ride his bike, play sports and get very excited and crazy sometimes. He has been doing extra work in school to help him with his writing and math. He has been doing very well. He has been making some great improvements in school. He has ADHD, CVS and GERD. CVS and GERD are currently being controlled by medication and diet.

Then Katelynn is my 6yr old. She also has autism and PICA. She loves puzzles as well.  She definitely has her favorite movies and enjoys watching some TV as well.  Kate has glasses and is learning to keep them on.  She does very well keeping them on at school.  She also attends school and therapy in Iowa and lives with her mom.

Then Benjamin he is my 5 yr old.  He is also autistic along with OCD and a lot of other things that fall under autism.  He is currently on meds for the OCD. It helps however doesn't fix all. We have been looking into other things to make his life better. He has a respite worker that is really good with him. His worker randy plays with him and works with him on therapy type of things. Mood swings following directions asking for help. He loves his brown bear, without brown bear he is one unhappy camper. He also loves gymnastics. He goes once a week and totally enjoys it.

Then Ariana is my 3 year old. She is all girl. However she can be rough and tough when she has to be. She loves dolls and princesses and anything pink. She loves playing with her friends at kids day out. With her being our talker we thought it would be a great idea to have her go. She also loves to be outside with her siblings. She has sensory integration disorder and a bit of OCD.

Then I have Eli, who is 1. There is so many things going on with eli. He comes with 20 specialist in 5 states. He is a very strong will boy with a hard medical life. He enjoys books, fishes and playing with his tubes. He has a nurse 7 days a week. He is also in PT OT and SP. He has been thru alot to read more about eli visit his tab.

I work full time for a wireless company providing customer service and support.  I'm currently in school finishing up all of my requirements to go into the LPN program hopefully starting in Fall 2011.  I spend as much time as possible with the family and helping out wherever I can.