Friday, February 24, 2012

two week update

Alot has happend in the last two weeks.

Emily did very well at her concert. It was about an hour and half event. It had all the fifth graders from all the schools. They were honoring heroes. The organization honored a local hero that has been helping the local community for over 40years. I thought it was pretty cool. Emily sang with 35 other students one from each school. There was about 2000 people there. She did excellent. I am very proud of her being picked.

Jace is doing well no real issues with him. He is enjoying the outdoors when he can. School is going well for him and he seems to be enjoying it.

Benjamin well he is a mess. He is all over the place. Not listening at home or school. Stealing things, major behavior issues. We are in the works to try to get some help. It is just not easy his main doctor is gone for up to 6 months. His new doctor can't do anything with meds. His other doctors that can are very difficult to get a hold of and get in. We have is case manager working on somethings for us so we shall see. He also has a helper in the house now to help control some of the behavior issues and get him some one on one time to help release some of his built up energy. We shall see if we see improvement.

Ari she went to the doctors to get her hearing checked and the say all is good. However the speech therapist says that she has a phonology articulation disorder. She wants to see her atleast 45minutes a week. We are starting the process to get the school to recognize that there is an issue and for them to take the lead with therapy.

Eli well his blood sugar is pretty much all of the place. We don't know why. Doctors are looking into something on his pancreas. They are doing some test today and lab work. I hope they can figure out whats going on. If they are considering TPN. I am not super thrilled about it. Right now he can't handle really leaving the house for any extensive amount of time. If it is the only thing that helps him live life to the fullest then I guess that's what has to happen.

Me I am doing ok started to gain some weight. Still not where I would like to be. I know it will take time so I have to be ok with it for now. We started some new things in the house to help lower the stress. Which are new ways of handling the house work and the kids behaviors. We have gotten super organized and I am very pleased with it. It is totally helping keeping up with the disorganization we had. We also started doing a different for us house cleaning. So far it has definitively helps make the work quicker and easier to maintain. The reward and chip system has worked so far for most. Ben is the only one that doesn't seem to really care. However I feel that it is better than what we were doing it.

Gotta go hope you have a great day .

"The mind is like a fertile garden in which anything that is planted, flowers or weeds will grow ." BL

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