Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Good,THe Bad And The Ugly of this past weekend.

Well the title pretty much gives you an ideal of how this weekend went. However I will explain as to what each of these mean.

The good of this weekend: Well the good of this weekend was on Friday all of my family came home. It was very nice to see them. Heather and her dad came with the rest of the stuff from our house. I loaded up all of my things from a friends house that I had been staying at for the last 7 wks. I got home about 4:15 and Heather was interviewing a nurse for Eli. We then had sometime to unpack a few things. We then had supper and got the kids off to bed. We then sat down and watched a movie together and just relaxed a bit. So Friday was just a relaxing day getting things situated for our lives to start a new. It was a  very happy night for me. I got to see all of the kids and start to get things situated and all we could think about was all of us being together at last and spending the next three days together getting the house put together as much as we could.  Heather earlier in the day noticed that the fridge was not holding things on the shelves and in the door. So I guess this was the start of bad because with a big family you can't have only half of a fridge working.

Saturday was a very busy day. We got up early and started to get things unpacked in our room, As the morning went on we had back to back interviews with our nursing agencies. I know we need them however it kinda sucked because it took about 4 1/2 hours to get thru all the interviews. Some we liked and some we weren't totally sold on. We have pretty much made up our decision. So half of our day was gone and the fridge was still not fixed and in the morning there were many other things that just didn't work right or not at all. So we called the landlord and the maintenance guy and waited most of the day and to this day nothing is really taken care of. So i am hoping since the weekend is done things will get finished and we wont have to bother either one of them for a long time.

Sunday here is where the ugly comes in. Heather noticed early in the morning that the house was getting warm. She noticed that the AC was turned off and she turned it back on. Well a few hours later we were noticing that the house wasn't cooling down in fact it was getting very hot. Now to remind all of you our Mr Eli can not handle heat at all he cant regulate his body temperature and gets dehydrated very easily. So as he was sweating and we all were hot and pretty miserable. I contacted the maintenance guy and it took him forever to get over to the house. He first brought  a very small fridge. Like one of those apartment fridges that is good for like four people and was about half the fridge size of what was there. So once he finally got there and was able to look at the AC we had to relocate Eli because of his health issues. The  maintenance guy went and looked at the breakers and turn them off and then on. He then went outside and noticed that the motor and the fan of the AC was completely disconnected from the main unit. So after many hours of talking to the landlord and maintenance guy we finally got someone out to check on it a 8:30 at night. By about 3 i think we had to relocate the kids Emily was having some troubles with her asthma and it just was unbearable. We also lost basically the whole day of unpacking. Which we thought that we might be able to relax on Monday as a family. That so didn't happen. Luckily we have family that we are good friends with that we could stay the night with.

Monday wow. Well it got better i guess. By about 3pm the house was cooler and a new AC was installed. however we had a new nurse and we couldn't do all the things that we would normally do to get them fully up and running on the first day So we weren't totally thrilled by that.We got back to the house and tried to get somethings done. It was so not easy. Went to walmart and got some basic groceries to hold us over and some other things to help bring the house a little more together. We got as much done as we physically could. Heather is at the house today with all the kids hopefully she can motivate them to help out and make her day easier. We will just have to see.

Will give updates when i have them. Positive thoughts to all. Hoping your weekend was a very productive and relaxing one. Honoring our military.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The time is here

The last couple of days have been really busy trying to get the house situated and the important things put together and fixed. We will be together as a family again as of about 4:15 today. I am so excited to see everyone. Being able hug the kids and ask how there day was. Helping out keeping them on track. Watching them as they unpack there stuff and getting there rooms put together. It will be along weekend however I am so looking forward to it. It will be nice being able to have Heather and I working together getting the house situated. It will be our home.It feels like a new start for us as a family. Not needing to worry about how Heather and Eli will get here for doctor appointments. Not having them gone for days. Getting Eli the best care that he can get and its close to our house. Also getting the kids to their specialist. Being able to have some  "normalcy" back in the house for us all. It will be along road to get re situated however i know we can do. We have done it before. Heather is interviewing a nurse today hopefully she likes them and they are a good fit for our family. We then have 4 more tomorrow. It will be super helpful if these ones work out. It so would be nice to have one started on Tuesday so heather can have the help that she needs with Eli. Lately he has been a handful. Our last interviews didn't go so well.
 Eli got his wheelchair readjusted yesterday. It didn't fit him quite right. So heather spent about 2 hours yesterday getting it taken care of. I have seen pictures but i cant wait to see it inperson. He totally seems to like it. It will be good for him.

So as of now there isn't much more to say. Positive vibes to all. Hoping my Mrs and the kids have a safe and quick trip. By for now next post should be Tuesday since we don't have Internet at the house just yet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Counting down the days

Well the last few days I have been a busy bee trying to get the house taken care of . Mainly the important stuff. Like sheets and blankets for the beds fixing the door to the garage getting rid of pesky ants putting together the entertainment/ family room. I also have been counting down the days until we are together again. I am totally not sure how other people do it. Everyday i think about my family and how much i am missing whats going on in there lives. The thing is i guess our family has a different dynamic than some. You would think that just seeing heather and Eli just a few days ago would hold me over until i see them again and well it hasn't. It is only basically 3 days until i see everyone. I really hope that it starts to feel like it is going fast. It probably doesn't help that at work i am  so bored. but i do remember at my other job i was anxious almost everyday to be home. Maybe it was because i didn't like it or maybe its just because i missed my family. I really hate missing out on things. 

My tiny man got his wheelchair yesterday and he appears to me that he really likes it. It will be very good for him to be able to interact with people at more of an eye level. Be able to do therapy in it. Be able to play on it. This is going to alot like him with his hearing aides and glasses it will give him a whole different perspective on life. Well i don't have much more to say so here is a couple of pictures that i have of Eli and his wheelchair and Heather and I meeting Mr Groban.

                                               Mr Eli and his wheelchair reading a book

Heather Mr Groban and Me

Monday, May 23, 2011

this past weekend updates

Friday the movers came and heather got them all situated and made sure things were done as well as they can. She interviewed some nurse for Eli . and then we did a alot of  unpacking of the kitchen Friday night. We were pretty busy.

Saturday we got over to the new house and did alittle more unpacking as we waited for another nurse to come and interview. We got thru a few boxes. The rest of the week will be doing as much as i can to get as much done. Saturday night was amazing. I have so many things i could say about Saturday night but amazing is probably the most fitting. Maggie heathers mom got us tickets to see Josh Groban. The local radio station got us back stage passes to meet and great him. The night started off with the meet and great we walked back stage and we just couldn't believe that we were meeting this performer that had helped get us thru so many hospital stays. We would listen to him alot when we were hospitalized. Listening to him just seemed to bring comfort. So we were backstage and it was our turn to have him sign and take a picture with us. I gave him one of Eli's cards and told him how much he meant to our family. Then we went to our seats and listened to his opener EMU  I think this is how it was spelled. Then Josh came out and we listened to him sing many songs just amazing the talent he has and how personable he is. He then comes to the center stage and starts to talk about the next song and what he thought when writing it about his family and friends. And out of no where he talked about our little man meeting us backstage and our 18month son. It was only seconds of a referral however it touched us so deeply. It was such a fitting song for our family i held on to my wife and got pretty emotional. Something that I don't do in public. I just couldn't help my self. Here is the link to the song that he sang and i feel dedicated to Eli and our family.  Thank you so much Mr. Groban for making this night such an amazing,emotional, and fun night for us. You really are a fantastic performer. Be sure to know we will be attending again.

We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives. Our lives have changed so much by all that have touched us. Some in song some in just sending prayers. Some by giving just abit of there time for  food and items that we may need. Even some by giving a meal to those that are taking care of our other 4 children. Thank you all for your support.

You know something Eli has touched so many lives and have had us evaluate our lives differently. We have moved away from family and friends to get him the best help possible. Being a parent isn't always easy however with Eli we have learned to enjoy the small things in life. The small accomplishments that we see and done. It is an emotional ride that we will be on forever. I use a roller coaster as an example. Some days go by so fast and some by so slow we have our high moments and our low moments. It would be nice to get off of this roller coaster, however it is a thrill to be on it. We never know what the next day will bring. Eli has defiantly made it an interesting ride. I know that i learn something from him almost everyday. How strong he is and how much he just pushes on to the next day usually with a smile on his face.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday updates

Moving Day:

Well the moving day didn't go as smooth as we would of hoped.the movers got to our house around  3pm. They immediatly said that it wasn't all gonna fit. Which is a really bad thing . So i called back and forth and talked to the higher ups and got no satisfacion. Heather  kept me updated as much as she could. We both realized that they were right. i personally think they didnt pack it well. They finally got done about 6:30. They will be here in overland park around 12pm.

I am doing pretty good alittle tired and still a little stressed. But thats pretty normal for me. It will be much better once the family moves up here in Tminus 7 days. I started a new scheduel at work. 7 to 4. It is taking me a bit to get used to it. You wouldnt think one hour would make a difference but it does. This is the schedule I wanted since day one. It will work very well for our family. I can be home to help with the cooking and taking care of the kids. Also be able to hang out and have family movie night and game night. I miss having those nights. It will also give heather and I some down time at night to watch our shows together. It will also be easier to find nursing for eli with the hours. I have been going to the house and getting things ready for the movers. This week i will be working on some unpacking.Heather and I will be doing the bulk of it together. We love working together and helping each other out to make our house a home.

Heather seems to be doing better she is still tired and she doesnt have all of her energy back. Hopefully she will get better soon and the meds willl continue to work. Also yesturday as she was puttng in elis car seat that the therapist loaned us she may have broken her thumb. She went to the doctor and they couldnt tell by exam so they sent her to get a xray anfd hopefully will know for sure today. All i can say is it is really swallon and she says it hurts that doesent suprise me looking at it you can tel it hurts. Heather will be with the movers today to get things in the house. She will be helping me with the unpacking today and then when she come back next weekend.

 Emily she was taken out of school again. For not being able to breath well. She went to the doctor and the doctor doubled her steriod and gave her some antibiotics. They also want her to see a pulminologist for her asthma. They think that between her allergies, asthma and the sinus infection it is causing her to have the breathing problems.
Jace seems to be doing well still no symptoms yesturday he wasnt totally happy he forgot his school snack and he was very upset. He had a lorge portion of the morning to get and just didnt. Hopefully that will help him use his time more effectivly.

Benjamin he went with his respite worker to a pottery place to do his own. he choose lightning mcqueen. They said it should be done by next week. He is still enjoying school and recess.

Ariana well she is still our little princess. Still as talkative as always Playing and jsut keeping  it Ari

Eli is still choking and gaging. His meds dont seem to be doing anything it is very fustrating. Many things he used to be able to do he cant anymore and the new stuff he is learning is hard for him. I just hope someone can help us figure out the secretion issue. He is pretty miserable during his episodes. It is totally not fair for my little man to continu e to suffer like this. Somethings gotta give soon. I remeber holding him for the first time and just thinking you are gonna do great things in your life eli. He is a fighter howerver every fighter has battles that are not as easy as some. i just want to get things under control so he can move on and get to do all that he is capable of.

More updates to come.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

this last few days

I am sorry for not updating recently but after reading this post i hope you all will understand.

Friday night i got in about 8:15pm. It was really nice to see the family. Eli and heather still weren't doing any better. In fact they were doing worse. We just thought both were suffering from allergies. Eli continued to drop his stats at night hardly ever staying above 92% O2. Heather was still coughing and feeling miserable. I got up with eli during the night to give her a break and so she could sleep. She didn't sleep real well from what i can recall.
Saturday came and heather wasn't feeling much better in fact it seemed worse than the day before. She was on some antibiotics that just didn't seem to be doing anything. Along with all the other meds that were suggested. Eli decided to make the day eventful by dropping his stats thru out the day. By 4p, we made a descion after getting a hold of the doctor to take him to the emergency room. We got there and they did a chest xray. The doctor wasn't super sold on the the xray however said that it was ok and to just keep an eye on him because he looks ok and the xray was pretty good comparably to all the others he has had and seen. We finally got home about 7pm and got supper and ice cream and heather and i just relaxed after a pretty stressful day. We cleaned out the garage together which seemed to make heather even worse than before.

Sunday came and I was gonna run a load to the new house however heather was struggling and the night before she had a very rough night up most of it. So we called the doctor and she prescribed another antibiotic and breathing treatments due to the fact she was having troubles breathing and had really low energy levels. It was so bad that they strongly suggested for her to come in on Monday and get a chest xray. I decided to take Monday off so i could help heather out with the house and the packing. I am so glad that i did.

So on Monday she went to the doctor and got a xray and sure enough it is what she thought it was pneumonia. Pretty bad case of it. Very little sounds in her right lobe of her lungs. She was in pretty bad shape so I decided to take a day off to let the meds kick in and see how she was doing and she didn't really show alot of improvement. Her energy levels was very low and she still was coughing alot. Eli was still running some low grade fevers and being very clingy. You could tell that he wasn't feeling well. The doc just said its probably allergies. hmm we are not totally sold on it. We are giving his new meds sometime to work. With heather still feeling pretty crummy and not having alot of energy to do much I stayed one more day at home to help out with the house and do what i could to help her feel better. It was along day on Tuesday.We took a load up this day actually it was three loads. the house is so full of boxes. We really didn't have much of a choice due to we were afraid we wouldn't be able to fit everything in the truck.

On Wednesday i left early in the morning so i could get to work i then interview a nurse which totally didn't work out then i went to the house and moved boxes around. Emily got really sick and had to come home from school. She went to the doctors and said her lungs were good and they gave her a steroid and breathing treatments to help with the falling Oxygen and increase HR. The doctors think that it could have something to do with her asthma. I really cant wait for everyone to be better. It is got to be very hard on Heather especially with her not feeling herself. They said it may take up to 10 days for her to feel like her old self. They also want to do a follow up chest xray to make sure that it is all gone and that she wont need a second dose of antibiotics. We will just have to see what happens.

So far i am feeling fine a little tired but that is about it. jace and ben have not had any symptoms yet. Ari was sick for abit a bad cough however the antibiotics that she got seemed to clear it all up, Eli as of today is doing fine still coughing and gaging  but overall he seems to be doing well. He does however have some blisters on his 3 molars he is getting in so that could definitely contribute to is low grade fevers and his fussiness.

Life is just really crazy with the moving people getting sick trying to get everything situated. So can't wait until this move is done things will slowly get back to our normal life. We shall see what today brings.

Friday, May 13, 2011

updates from yersturday

Emily is just being emily she is enjoying school and is a little apprehensive about going to a new school next year i told her it will be fine and it is whats best for out family so we can be together more often. She seems to understand. I think once she gets up here she will meet new people and get to do fun things it will be all worth it for her.

Jace is enjoying school. His new thing is the pink panther cartoon from when most of us were his age. He tells me all about it. how funny it is it kinda cool to hear him explain the story to me. He seems to not care either way if he moves or not.

Benjamin he is a funny little man heather sent me a picture of him laying in one the empty book shelves.He is completely over his what ever it was. He has his good days and bad days. He tells me all about recess all the time he usually tells me that is all he did.

Ari she has been one of the tougher ones lately she got a yellow and a red card all in one day for not listening and not doing what she was told. After the cards were redeemed she seems to be doing better.

Eli just started his new meds and so far i haven't heard anything that would say holy cow some major changes with it. We will just see how it goes it may take a bit of time to see if it will help stop the gaging and the swelling of the ears.

Heather seems to be doing well except for her allergies she still has them pretty good unfortunately. Some days are better than others. She is defiantly doing everything she can to get the house done. She has been packing like a packing queen. I am so happy on the progress she has been making. She is still trucking along with packing the house for the rest of this week and next. She is definitely working very hard. I am very proud of her and the work she has done. I cant wait until i can give her alittle break a well needed break. She is going to knitting tonight. Not alot of time but she totally deserves to take sometime to herself.

Me i'm just working and doing what i can to keep things moving along. Getting things settled at the new house. Making some final arrangements for nursing and moving. I went over to the other house and put some new locks in the house and more light bulbs, screwed in some screws removed nails. I will be going back over there tonight to do some more work. Getting utilities taken care of just odds and ends. Defiantly not hard work however time consuming. It is the least i can do since heather to me has the hardest job of all. Then tomorrow i head home.

Yeah cant wait to be home and seeing the family again it has only been 5 days but it feels way longer. I am just waiting for it all to be over so we can just sit and enjoy each others company. I am sure that everyone else is feeling the same way.

Cool things Corner
Something that heather came across in a magazine If you have an android phone, Iphone ,or an I pad this site is pretty cool. I love apps for my phone and they are all free. Some are good and some are not so good. I've tried many apps of the same kind and deleted some that i didn't like.

Well got to go for now will update when i can. Smile if you haven't yet.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday heather and the kids got home early so the kids got to go to school. Heather got to have a much needed bit of time to herself. Sounds like the kids did well last night. Yesterday I went to the house and did an inventory check of what needed to be bought and done. It is surprising what you find that is small but is big enough to make a big difference in a house.

I'm also calling around to all the pharmacies to elis meds taken care of. I was able to find one out of 6 local pharmacies that takes his insurance and compounds. You would think that being a government insurance that these pharmacies would take it. I was wrong most of them said that medicaid doesn't pay for compounding and some said that they don't do it because they don't get reimbursed. I just think its crazy

Well we are on our way getting things arranged for moving next week. All utilities are being switched this week into our name. I'm in contact finalizing the movers. Heather is at home packing away her little heart out. She totally got the short end of the stick. I know she can do it . I will be going home Friday and helping out as much as I can. I have the task of taking care of the garage.

Not much more to say. Just counting down the days 10days left for stuff to be in the house and 17 days for us to be a family again. Sooo can't wait.

Well that's all I have for today.

Monday, May 9, 2011

this past weekend

Wow this past weekend was crazy and very stressful.

  On friday the family got here early so eli could get to his appointment.  Come to find out that eli's ears are not filled with fluid they are swallon due to allergies. His doctor perscribed zyrtec. Hopfully it will it will take care of it,  He so doesnt need much more to hinder his learning. We then went over to the house and looked to see what had been done. The kids were super excited about the house.Somethings got done however there were some issues that needed to be addressed. So i called up the landlord and explained the issue and he assured me that they would be taken care of.  We then went out to dinenr. It was ok. Ben was still not feeling well and just being very difficult. He was repeating himself over and over for something to drink and eat. It was a good thing in a way because it was a struggle for anyone to get him to eat or drink. We then went back to where we were staying and got ourselves situated. It was not an easy night for the kids they were pretty wond and just wouldn't settle down. They finally got to bed and settle down after a bunch of times telling them to knock it off. They finally went to sleep.

Saturday wow craziness again. We all went to a farmstead in overland park. It was very cool the kids seemed to enjoyed it. We went and road horses and walked around  and went into the wigwams and teeps and saw lots of things. It is free for overland park residence. It is very big.They did pretty good there. Ben was still anry and his feet hurt so that didnt make the mood perfect however it wasnt to bad.They were pretty unsettled though. The kids were just out of control afer we got back and in the car that was the worse in the morning all i was trying to do is keep them under control and i must say i wasnt doing a very good job. We got back to the house later than we would normally would, They got lunch then it was rest time. A much need one for that matter. I spent a lot of time trying to fix a toliet. With very little success. The kids got up and once again they werent our kids. Something just went off somewhere. I figured coming to see me and being in someone elses house that they would be on their best behaviour. I guess i was wrong. So wrong that they almost went home on sunday.The night came and they went to bed. It appeared to go alittle smoother.

Sunday came and well. I took the kids back to the farmstead. Heather suggested it on Saturday and thought why not give her a bit of a break from the kids since she is the one with them all the time. Everyone needs a break. I think it is absolutly necessary in order to keep the stress down, So the kids and I went back to the farmstead and went fishing and fed the goats. It was nice just to hang out with them and bound with them. I defintly would like to find some other things that we could do together again. We went over to the house and wrote all the things that needed to be finished from our end. It is a big list however an easy list should only take me about a week to a week and half to do everything. Just because i dont get off untill 5pm everydayt and unfortunaly my OCD will not stay at bay. However it needs to be done and i dont want to make it a big deal with the landlord.Then we got back and we ate some lunch and  the kids relaxed and napped. They also played with the other kids that are in the house we are staying with. It seemed like the day was going better especially after the morning hours. There was still tons of stress going on in the house however it was improving. I spent another hour or so fixing the toliet i thing I finally got it done. Then heather and I made up dinner it was our yummy breakfast casserol and french toast casserol. Then we sat down as a family and watched a movie together. Then off to bed the kids did much better that night. Heather and i cuddled up together in our room and watched greys anatomy. It was super nice.

Monday It was back to work for me and back to wichita for the family. Nothing special for today. The next two weeks are gonna be pretty stressful. I know it will get easier however heather will have to do alot of work. I am really hoping that she can get some help with all the packing. I will be going there this weekend to help as much as i can it wont be much however at this point anything is better than not helping at all.  I will be posting some pics once i figure out how to get them to uploaded.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

thursday updates

Family wise Mr ben is very sick. He spiked a 102. fever. Heather called the doctor and she said to bring him in. He was severely dehydrated and he has strep throat. He was in so much pain. I was talking to heather and you could hear him screaming in pain. It was awful to hear cant even imagine to be right there while he was screaming. It took awhile to get him to tell heather what was hurting. She rushed him to his pediatrician and they started IV fluids right away. He was so bad that he had to be carried. He couldn't walk at all. It is really weird he was talking about monsters and  flashlights. Heather couldn' understand what he meant. Come to find out kids with strep don't always get a sore throat. however they can hallucinate. most of the time when children get it they may not have any sore throat. They may spike a fever. So the doctor gave him a big needle with some penicillin. And told heather he should be feeling better by today and not contagious after today. Heather and I talk and agreed that if needed he would be admitted to CMH here in Kansas City.

Heather is still feeling lousy. I'm not completely sold that it is allergies, She tried some meds last night and didn't appear to help at all.Hopefully she can get into a doc today just to check her out and see if their is anything seriously wrong. She is pretty tired since mr ben woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and slept with her. Unfortunately he moves alot when he sleeps/They are all coming up today. Eli has an appointment with his pediatrician today at 3 just to get checked up on and get back on track with the plan of care since there is so much new stuff and to check about his ears and the whole fluid issue. Hope we somethings to move forward.

Me I'm just really anxious to see the whole family. I am hoping ben is feeling better and gets moving soon so he can be with everyone too. I'm at work still keying information into our system. Hopefully next week we will start making some calls. Yesterday i got to talk to the newest hire class about what i do and how to help our customers while we are on the phone. I was so in my element that is what i enjoy the most is training and helping to develop people for their jobs. I hope i get to do it some more. We will just have to see.

Will have more information as I get more. Please send your thoughts and prayers for ben to have a speedy recovery and heather gets to feeling better.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The last couple of days

Well the misses took eli to his appointments. Wish i could of been there to hear all the new things they want to do. From the sounds of it they told the mrs alot of the things we already knew. Kinda fustrating really.

The nuerologist said that the nuerolgical could also be due to the mitochondrial diesease since there is mitiochondria that is with the nuerons. It is very interesting .He also explained to heather what the levocarnitine does. It is supposed to help with the mitochondiral produce more energy. Which is a good thing. He told her that he doesnt know if its working or not but it wont hurt him to be on it. 
They also saw the pulminologist and she wasn't very informative and wasn't sure what to do. She did however agree that he is chocking on is own secreations and that it is because of his hypotonia, weak swallow, oral aversion, and tracheal laryengal malaysia working against him to make it  harder for him to swallow.  She perscribed a medicine to possibly help inprove the situation. I really hope so i may not see him much but it bothers me to see my little man panic and choke and cough. It is also not easy on the rest of the family.
He also saw the feeding clinc and he didnt do well there. She experienced elis chocking episode and documented it. Which is defintly a plus. However he didnt take any bits. She said the way to help him with his oral avesions is intense feeding therapy but with all the chocking episode he cant do it. They also went to the seating clinic and that didnt go as well as we would of like someone came in and was trying to take complete control and change elis wheel chair. Which is totally not the one we wanted. Luckily our insurance is already taking care of the first wheelchair and the company in wichita has called heateher and said it is all a go and we should have it by the middle of May .Super yeah for that. Its one less battle we have to fight.

Eli also saw his Ear doctor and she thinks that there is fluid in his ears because he failed his hearing check up with the tympanogram. He is going to see his peditritian on Friday to check on his ears. They also fitted him with new ear molds. Cant wait for those to come in so he can be more comfortable and fit better.
Dermatology they think they know what it is they just want to see him when he has it. So they can say for sure.

I talked to the kids last night they seemed to be doing well. Emily is enjoying school. She has a special author coming to school today and Emily and Jace get to dress up in a friendly monster outfit or mix matched clothes. It should be fun for them.  Jace is jace he likes pink panther and his nintendo. Ben is not feeling so well he has had  a temp of 102. The good thing is he doesn't have anyother symptoms. So hopefully today it will break. Heather has been pushing fluids and making him some yummy pear applesauce. Ari well she is just ari. Mrs talkative and mrs princess.

 Heather she has been fighting allergies for the last few days.It is the worse that i have ever seen from her. I really hate seening her this miserable. Hopefully she can get some meds to help out. She will hopefully be coming back to KC tomorrow if all goes well.

It will be really nice to have everyone together for mothers day. I know there is a possibilty that we might not with all the strange things going thru the house. My self im ok so far physically feeling well. Alittle tired but doing well.
Moving wow is a pain. I have been calling for two days trying to arrange to get movers. Waiting for some call backs to get estimates. I went to the house yesturday and there was no more progress made. I will be going again tonight and if none is made i will be calling the landlord. He seems like a nice guy so im sure he wont be thrilled if things arent being done. Only about 3weeks until the kids are done with school. Hopefully we will have all of out stuff moved in by then. We will just have to see.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

this past weekend

This past weekend has been a roller coaster ride. Friday night heather came into town and we went and looked at the house i mentioned in the previous post. It was in rough shape however they assured us everything would be done before our date of move in. We stayed up until about 11pm. Talking to our friends and just hanging out it was really nice just to relax and not have really any worries.  About 1:30 eli's stats dropped and his monitor went off. I got up and checked on him and realized he was wet. I picked him up and realized that his gj had completely came out. I woke heather the rest of the way and i was pretty panicky. I asked if she packed a spare and she said no so i stuck my finger in the whole for about 15 seconds and looked around at our friends house to see if they had any laying around no luck. We had to wake them to get some extra help. They got up and found that they had an extra set because there daughter has a gj. We tried to put it in and just couldn't get it. We asked the RN at the house which is one of our friends lucky for us to see if she could it and she did. Heather called the hospital and they told us to come in. They had us sitting around basically for almost 4 hours and then told us to go home and come back because there wasn't anyone that could put it in until 8am. So wish they would of told us that. Would of been super nice to get alittle more sleep. We then went and signed papers for the house. We then helped out at our friends house with her garage sale. It was nice to sit for a bit. We then went around and checked out the are that night.

Sunday we had kinda a lazy day we were still so tired. Heather and Eli napped. I finished a book i have been trying to finish for a long time. I was finally able to do it now on to one of heathers other favorites. Her most favorite Double Wedding Ring. She has great taste in books. So far every book that she has recommended have been fantastic. Before we went out eli decided to try stairs didn'tAs the day went we just kinda hung out until the evening. Then the evening came and heather and i went out to a very nice restaurant. We had a fantastic time just US and i love it when we can just have US sometime. It was quite and very relaxing night with good food and very romantic setting. This was 100% her idea she is very smart like that. She always seems to surprise me with her thoughtfulness. I am always thinking of things that can top hers. I guess it is that competitive side of me. Or maybe its just being a man who wants to do special things and not always sure what to do and wants  to make it really good.

Monday i went back to work. Not an always exciting job we are currently doing data entry at this point however will be doing some calls soon. yeah i love interacting with people. Heather and I went to the house afterwards and there has been some very nice progress on the house. Lot of new fresh paint. We then cooked dinner together which as i mentioned before i totally enjoy doing. We then sat around with our friends and watched a movie and talked and played a game on our phones called.Words with Friends very fun. It is on the android market. It was nice and relaxing.

Today more appointments for our tiny. Will update when i can. Many thanks and positivity to all.

updates for the last 3 wks

So much has happend in the last 3 weeks. First i must apologize for not posting really anything. It is pretty hard to post much  directly from the phone. I will try to do better now that i have access to a computer pretty much daily

Ok here is an overview of the last 3 weeks: WORK
  I started work. went through 2 weeks of training. Got on the floor last week and started the begining of my job. I am now waiting for the next part making calls. I cant wait data entry is very tedious and boring. we should be making some outbound calls by the end of the week. We are doing mock calls and role playing to get the script down to make sure we are helping our customers the best we can, I don't like to roleplay however it is very helpful to get input on how you can word things and better take care of our customers.


About 3 weeeks ago Heather had a suggestion about taking a train home to suprise the kids. It was an excellent idea. Took a train from Kansas City to Newton. This train goes all over the place as far as california. I left about 10:30 pm and got to newton about 2:30am. It was an interestiong experience. I have never been on a train before. I liked it I would totally do it again.  That weekend was very nice. Heather woke up and met me at the door. I was very happy to see her. We hugged it was such a warm and very need one. We went to bed and got up the next morning. Heather saw a big spider and i came out to kill it. Then we went downstairs to see the boys. Heather went first. I came up behind her and said boys. They were very suprised and then the girls came down to see what was going on. The kids were super happy to me as i was super happy to see them. It was a short visit becaues Eli had an appointment that monday. We left saturday to go look at houses. Heather went back on Tuesday. It was hard to know that she was leaving. Then i came up the following weekend. It was a rough drive my car decided to not put any ac out and i couldn't  put down the windows. Pulled over and got air for the tire and made it in alittle later than i would of liked. The weekend was fun.  We did alot together we hung out on saturday. We  played wii and watched tv.It was really nice. heather and I cooked a fantastic dinner together. It was a garlic crusted chicken with potaoes, carrots, fresh green beans.It had a super yummy sauce with it. We also made a very yummy dessert with rasberries and chocalat. I so miss those days when we are able to spend that time in the kitchen together. I love helping with meals. It gives us a different type of quality time that I feel is unique and special.

We then spent sunday at church and went out with heathers parents to a resturant for brunch. It was very nice to hang out as a family and just relax. We did easter and the inlaws house then we went back to our house and did easter their. It was super interesting ideal from heather. We thought thru multiple ideas and she thought of boxes. So we made lots of  boxes and put them along with envelopes with eggs all around. It was very cool the kids totally enjoyed it. After clean up we did supper. I was gonna go back to KC however my tire was flat.  I had to call into work and let them know i wasn't gonna be able to be in since there was no tire place open on easter sunday. It was nice to be home for an extra day. I didn't like missing work though. I'm pretty lucky that my work is very understanding at this point. So i went late on monday. I hung out with the mrs during the day. I helped clean up the house abit and we got some errands done. It was hard to leave again. I just wanted it to be over with and be home with my family for longer than i have been. It's rough on all of us. It is different for each one of us. I feel it is the hardest on heather and I because we were so used to being around each other so much and spending the time together. I just don't like it. I know that this is the best option for our family to be together  and get the best care possible.

HOUSE Looking:

Wow house looking was a mess heather and I located over 30 properties. Let me tell you it was rough getting call backs, recieving e-mails, trying to find the houses. Between heather and I we looked at about 10 houses. Some were tiny for the price some were in areas that were awful and slightly scary some were alittle out of our price range. Then we saw two that were in our range and good size. On both of them it took along time to get intouch to see if we qualified to rent. They have high expectations on some of these house. We have been looking around all over all the way up to 45 minutes away. Not something we wanted to do but we know we have to do what we have to do. We found a house that is in the neighborhood that we wanted good schools enough room for all of us within our price range overall we are pretty happy with our choices. I will put picturse when we have them. We are just waiting for them to fix somethings in the house before we start to move in.

Me i'm just me. Still alittle stressed becaues there is so much stuff going on. Can't wait untill everything comes together and we are all together as a family again. Alittle normalcy in our lives would be great. my meds are doing well for me. Not having to many issues with them. Which is a good thing it has made things alittle easier. All i can say is that i'm missing my family every second of the day they cross my mind. Just hearing the kids.makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Just hearing heathers voice puts a smile on my face and lets me know that everything will be alright just is gonna take time .
Positive vibes and thoughts to all.