Sunday, October 23, 2011

this past weekend

This past weekend has been very nice. Especially how the week went it was kinda stressful. Which really isn't ideal when we are trying to keep our stress level down in the house. Some of it was good and some not so good.

Yesterday we layed low we took care of some errands.Our heater went out in the house again so this was a good time for us to leave since the house was at 65 degrees. Not very good for Mr. Eli who needs to regulate his body temp. Took care of a Christmas gift. Got some winter clothes at our local thrift store. Which by the way i think that savers is the best thrift store in the area. The we got home the repair guy was here to replace the stove. The heating guy was here and spent about an hour fixing the heater. Hopefully it will last longer than 48hrs.
Today Sunday we did breakfast and lunch then went to a pumpkin patch close to our house. It was super fun. Tiny did pretty well however his face was flushed and he got super fussy towards then end. He then slept for about 3hrs. Poor tiny man. Hopefully he will get back to normal. He is struggling at night. Coughing and sat dropping. Can't wait to see what the docs do to help him. The older 4 had a great time. We got pumpkins in the next few days we will be carving. Heather has an awesome ideal for Mr E pumpkin. We will post pics of this weekend and the carving in the next couple of days.

Our destressing of life journey is going pretty well. The treasure chest for the kids seems to be working well. It works off of a choir and behavior model. They have to get 4 days out of 7 in order to get something out of the chest. Using a weekly board and magnets everyday. There are lots of different things in it. We went the cheap route and found some very inexpensive things that we thought the kids would like. We also included an extra opportunity for the kids if they eat there lunch and dinner. If they eat both they get put into a drawing for something special at the end of the week. They all got to pick one thing from the chest this week. Hopefully they will get to pick 2 things this week. Emily won the extra and we decided to do frozen dessert. Gluten free and dairy free obviously. Emily chose heather to go out and they had a good time and ate a new place that was super yummy.

This week i hope that we can get back on track and lessen even more stress. We have a couple of easy days then it starts to get really busy on Wednesday. All the kids have conferences on Thursday except for Ben.

Good night to all hope your week is as good as ours will be.

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