Thursday, October 20, 2011

to say i am still alive

Oh my it has been along time since i last posted. So much has gone on. So little time and i type very slow. I am glad that i have such a wonderful wife that keeps you all updated. I wish that i could promise to do better however life is crazy. I just got a labtop for my birthday so things should be easier to do the updates from a man's point of view. I will be doing some remebrances to go back to the past and state how i felt and what was going thru my mind at the time. I will also be doing regular updates. In the next few weeks i will be posting some recipes and making some changes to my blog.

Things are getting better and easier around the house. Heather and I have made some changes to lessen the amount of stress in the house. Kids are taking more responsibility and we are limiting the amount of appointments outside of the house. So we can can spend more time at home and get more things done at a better pace. So far so good. Will keep you updated.

So much has gone on with eli. Too much to type at this moment. I will try to get the information together in a post in the next few days.

Smile if you havent today.

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