Monday, December 27, 2010


Wow christmas was a very busy day. Heck its been a very busy three days. On christmas day we woke up early and got the kids up early too. We had the kids open up stockings from santa. It was nice to see their faces as they dug deep into their stockings. Heather and I took the next step in making our yummmy meat.

Then we opened up santa gifts. Wow it was pretty crazy; the kids loved their gifts. Emily and Jace got nintendo DSI XL. Ben got a nintendo. Ari got a leapster. Eli got a really cool play center with 5 different sides. Then off to christmas breakfast. It was nice to be able to relax a bit before coming home to cook. We all opened up gifts. Heather and I got a gift card to an awesome spa. It will be super nice to be able to let it all go and relax. The kids got bikes and even eli got something to move around on. Emily got a violin, jace got a rocket, ben got puzzles and a "cheffer helper" apron, ari got puzzles and a "cheefer helper" apron and eli got this cool kalidescope toy that spins and makes noise.  It has 4 disk that make different music and can be attached to the bed.

Then we went home and opened some more gifts and finished up making super yummy food. The kids got a Wii and some new games and so much more.  Heather and I made gifts for each other. We made coupons to give each other; very awesome idea. We loved the creativity and thought that was put into each one. Eli got a multi textured cube that has a jack in the box, a musical light up stack-em toy and a cooking bowl that he can put vegetables in and out; it makes sounds and talks to him.

It was nice to have other people to take pictures of the family and be able to have all of us in them. Usually heather is the one who takes the pictures. It was an exhausting exciting interesting day. To see the kids, how it made them feel. Their reactions were priceless.

Watching eli opening up presents and watching him play. Hoping to see eli doing it next year. When he is walking around and opening presents all by himself. Hoping to hear him express himself and letting us know how much he likes his gifts. I do everything i can to have a normal holiday not knowing what is in store for us in the new year. I try my best to live in the now not in the future and not in the past. Can't let my OCD get the best of me and my family. Have to stay strong as much as possible.

( Pictures will be updated soon)

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