Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last couple of days

I went back to work on sunday. Not a real easy thing to do since I've not really been at work much over the last 4 months. It's not easy cause I miss the mrs. Always curious what's going on at the house. Curious how eli is doing and what the kids are up to. Hoping the kids are not causing too much trouble for heather. With the kids being home all week from school they get bored easy. Understandable however it doesnt always make it easy. Hoping that eli isn't running a fever today. Hoping not to have to go to the hospital. There has been a bug going around. I was sick for awhile then ben then eli has had a fever and had alittle bit of blood in his drain. Which hasnt happend before. Heather is now feeling kinda crappy.  Also ari last night threw up 3 times she seems to be ok today.

Heather has been a very busy women today. She is getting laundry done and our bedroom straightened up. I am a very lucky man. Never asked her to do it she just does. Today she seems to be doing better. She treats me like a very special man. I think of all the little things she does and it always make me feel like a special man and also very appreciated man. I think many times i dont deserve her.

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