Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on the last few days

It has been an interesting few days. Ive been back at work for a whole week. Wow i havent done that in a long time. It was alittle overwhelming. I thought about whats going on at the house alot. Missing everyone .

Eli went to the doc yesturday and they ran a bunch of test. All came back fine. Its good and bad all in one. Bad because eli has been running low grade fevers for about a week and i guess for undetermined reasons. Doc says it might just be a virus. They also increased his probiotics to 10million instead of the 3 million they had him on.

Emily got sick 2 nights. It appears to have just been a stomach bug that hit three of the kids. So far everyone else hasnt got it. Lucky for us.

Jace has been busy with his nintendo. Ben is also enjoying his christmas gifts. He also had the stomach bug but just like emily and ari. Ari is still our little princess.

Eli is now crawling is super awesome. When i first saw him i just got emotional. It just came over me. I was so happy to see my little man crawling. I knew he would some day just didnt know when. Now he is getting into so much stuff. I forgot what it was like to have a crawler in the house.

Well bye for now hopefully with my three day weekend i can get the pictures up.
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