Friday, December 24, 2010

last night and today's events

Last night was rough eli kept dropping his o2 stats and heart rate was high. I checked on him three times during the night. His o2 mointor kept going off. At first i thought he knocked his canulas off so i went in and check and that so wasnt the case. I got alittle nervous. I then layed back down. Got back up like 10 minutes later. This time it really started to worry me all i could think of is that he is really sick and we will spend christmas in the hospital. We increased is o2. It seemed to help however his stats was not were we wanted them to be. About 2hrs later i checked on him like i usually do. Refilled his food and checked in on him his o2 was still lower than normal.woke up and heather called the doc and the doc said up fluid keep an eye on his heart rate and o2 levels. So far he has been doing pretty good. Hopefully no hospital since alot of his docs arent around.

We also spent the large portion of the day making super duper yummy food for christmas dinner. Alot of work however it will be well worth it. Family time and great food cant ask for much more.

Attended a christmas sermon tonight with the family including eli. I was very hesitant to go with eli. Dont want him to get sicker and end up in the hospital. We got to sit way back in the corner. Unlikly he will get sick from there. A very good thing.
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