Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy day

Today we had 8 appointments in about 8 hrs. We first did x-ray of eli's hips. Then we up to hemoc and we spent 45 minutes waiting and they finally came and told us that they needed to see the echo first. We were not overly thrilled because the echo was next. So we went to the echo and as i was watching the screen i was pretty positve that i still saw a clot. Even heather said she thought so too. The tech couldn't tell us. Humph then the waiting game.

Then to feeding therapy and nutrition. Eli did pretty well he took 10 bites with alittle work. She used a toy with lights as reinforcement to encourage him to take a bite. It seemed to work. Then we had to get blood drawn. Luckly we saw the iv team as we were going to the hemoc for the blood work. They got it done very quickly. So heather and i went and got a quick lunch.

Then off to hearing aids. The audiologist is really good. She showed us his hearing aids walked thru on how to clean them put them in and how to troubleshoot them. She was very helpful. We then finally went to the gi. He stopped the eryped for the motility and he ordered a ph probe. It will show us hopefully why he is chocking and turning colors. The doc wants to rule out all possibilities.

Heather and i are totally spent. My foot is so swallon i can barely get it out of my shoe. Heather is exhusted had a bad night of sleep and she has a headace. Eli is doing well with his hearing aids however he is also totally done with the day. He is used to getting out and playing but not today. Definitly no fun. We got some quick food and we are gonna keep it low key night and go to sleep early.

almost forgot the hemoc team called us and yes there is still a clot. It is much smaller it is 3mm by 3 mm so atleast anothe month and half of lovenox. He has an echo in may. Will post some pics when i get to a computer. Sleep well all. Positve thoughts to all.

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