Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wow what a day

Yesturday was a very crappy day. We were very busy and stress out. Heather and eli's nurse spent all day trying to finish the flight information. The company was very rude. They expected everything to be done like yesturday. It was horrible. I got on the phone with them and told them how rude they were being and told them what they should be saying. It just amazes me on how a company that is designed to help people with health issue didnt treat us with any repect. It is just ridiculous.

i felt helpless not being able to take the weight off of heathers shoulders. We finally got the information needed and approve. Eli's nurse called the DME and the insurance people and got it setup and approved. Super crazy. Not sure what we would of done if she wouldn't of took this job and get it done. We now have to wait for the doctor to get his end done. Then we wait to see even if a flight will be available. The company we are using needs so much information and it has to be very specific and done very quickly. So hopefully we will have everything taken care of today. Will update when we have more info.

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