Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life is busy

I must say that i havent been the best at keeping this blog updated. I have been alittle lazy. So i am going to to do better. This something i must do for myself my family and all of you who are following us.

so over the last 5 weeks alot has happend. I am sure you all have been following my wifes blog. I am very greatfull to all that have been keeping up with us.

Eli was in kansas city his port was takin out due to infection, all of his doctors are being transfered to kansas city; which we are very happy with that. The doctors are so much better. They have been super helpful. We have atlanta in april for his final testing for mitochondria disease. I have mixed feelings about this. I want to know so we can move on and get some treatment started so we can make his life the best it can be. I'm also alittle scared for the diagnosis due to the outcome that we can't stop. The life that he will have. The life that he will have to live. How our lives will change. It's just weird for me because i have never had this kind of feeling of scared.

The older four have been pretty good. Emily has been enjoying school. She has been listening to tons of music. She listens to so many differnt kinds. It is pretty cool. She has been making friends in the neighborhood. Jace is good getting lots of help at school for speech,math ,and writing. We have seen so much improvement. Ben has been doing well in school. We are having some issues with his IEP; however i foresee it being straightend up soon. His writing has been very good. He is still having his outburst and his repetiveness. However this seems to be not as bad as it was. Since we have started the eat your dinner and you will get snack he has done much better than before about 80% success rate. So yeah yeah for us. Ari she is our princess. She was taken to screen for success. Heather was told she has OCD, Anexity,and sensory. The hearing test was done poorly so we will be into someone else to do the test. We are pretty sure that there is an issue.

The misses has been very busy taking care of the kids and the house. A busy time here. She has been getting the final steps situated for atlanta and getting the docs switched for kc. She does an awesome job at keeping things situated. Luck for us dr thomas has takin over some over her work to help make it easier on her and way less work. Heathers head aches have come back pretty bad and she now has a cold or something with allergies. We will be seeing our doc on the 1st of april hopefully she can help.My self i have been diagnosed with GERD, RA, IBS, lynch disease. Meds have been helping but not as well as i would like. Gonna see doc on the 31st.

we maybe moving to kc we will have to see how my interview goes. I have mixed feelings about it. I hate moving, the kids are doing well in school and we love the house. However eli needs the best care possible and the drive for heather really sucks. She is not home alot. So we will just see how things go. We go to KC starting tomorrow and hopefully be back on saturday. Lots of appointments. Well goodbye for now.

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