Monday, March 28, 2011

Yesturday and today

Yeaturday was a kinda relax day. We made a grocery trip. We got caught up on all the laundry. We then had a yummy dinner and dessert. Stuffed beef with spinach,carrots,apples,and red peppers. Honey buttered rolls. Fetticini noodles with red vodka parmesian cheese sauce. Our dessert was a very simple strawberry tart. This meal sounds complicated but it wasn't and it was super yummy.

today we have a doctors appointment with eli's peditrian for a followup. Heather, elis nurse paula and i are going to try to tie up all the loose ends for the atlanta. So much to get done. So far no oxygen for flight, rental car very expensive, and the flight is way longer than initialy stated. Very stressful today. Hoping all will go well.Will update when we know more.

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