Thursday, August 18, 2011

two day update

The day start at 4:00am on Wednesday. Tiny was really tired. We played and read books together. He even helped me with laundry. 6am heather woke up and helped get Eli ready for his EEG and his AFO fittings. The EEG sounded like it went well. We should have the results by Monday. I truly feel that the results will come back with seizures. I hope not but we will see. The AFO doc said he wanted to try some adjustments and hoping that it will work for him. If not they are not sure whats next. He still is having issues with his right leg. We saw the renal doc today. He was a really good doc. He went over all of elis history. He was pretty accurate. He then ran urine, blood, and ultrasound on his kidneys. Hopefully we will have some information in the next few days. Hoping the weekend is uneventful.

Have a wonderful weekend. Will update more when we know more.

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