Sunday, August 21, 2011

upates on eli

Yesterday we finally got some information on elis EEG. It was later in the day.,Results showed that he has abnormal brain waves. In layman's terms seizures. It hit me pretty hard. I had them for almost 10 yrs. I know that this could be a rough road for us. I don't blame myself but it just really bothers me. I knew that it probably gonna happened sooner or later I was just hoping it would be much later.

Saturday they got us into a special clinic for seizures. This clinic day is only for people to come in when it is very important to be seen. We saw a really nice doctor. He did a full examine on eli. He told us that eli was having seizures. His EEG showed spikes in his frontal lobe. He also said that his brain wasn't functioning at full capacity and that we probably already knew that eli was delayed and that he was cognitive delayed. The way he said it was kinda rude. He also talked about elis muscle tone and that a seizure or a stroke wouldn't of caused it to happened so quickly. He ordered a MRI to check out his brain and to make sure that there is not any damage or blood clots going on. He put him on a med called KEPPRA. It is supposed to be the least interacting of all the meds. We shall see what happens. They are supposed to call us next week to schedule his MRI. He has already had one just recently however I feel that this doc and elis neuro doc will read them in depth to make sure that they are not missing anything.

On a plus side we reorganized the house moved around 3 rooms and it is so much better. Wish we would of took before and after pictures. We now have a room for all of our computer stuff and a really good place for the kids to do home work and just to relax.

Will update when i have more information. Smile it is a new day.

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