Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi all it has been along time since I have posted. I have been very busy so many changes and so many things going on in my families life. Here are some of the things in the last five weeks.

Health wise i have been doing pretty good. I have my bad days and my good days. Just like most of you with any illness. We as a family have changed our diet twice in the last 5 weeks. One by choice and one because it was the best for our family. We switched to vegetarian first. I know those of you that know me are saying really are you kidding me you are totally a meat and potatoes guy. Yes i was truly a vegetarian and i liked it very much. We did it for about 3 wks. We figured out some really yummy meals. That totally satisfied my urge for meat. It did take me a bit and i did cheat just a few times however i stayed true to it for the most part. Then about 2wks ago we got some news from Benjamin's doctor stating that he is allergic to gluten, dairy, and eggs. Wow now that was a very interesting thing to hear she said that we needed to take it out of his diet like yesterday. That it was basically harming him and he needed to stop eating it all together. This was an interesting discussion. We were just so blown back. I had done this once before but on such a low level and it was a choice to do it not a have to for health reasons. I also had meat to supplement and being vegetarian we didn't have that option now.  We have been trucking along with this new diet for about 2 weeks now. It has been a rough road. Financially, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. From all the research i have looked up this could ultimately help me not have to take so many meds. Help the kids with behavior and some medical issues that we have in the house. Heather has already seen some benefits. She has lost 8lbs and her headaches have been less. I will be posting some links and recipes that we have tried and have enjoyed. Thank you to all who have supported us with recipes and suggestions. We have done many searches for information and recipes. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Eli there has been  so much that has happened in the last 5 weeks its just so over whelming. Heather has done such an amazing job at keeping updates on her blog. I would totally suggest reading it if you haven't yet. He is a fighter. His new meds are making him gain tons of weight and the docs as always are not really listening and they continue passing the buck around. He has an EEG tomorrow. I hope they can figure out what is causing his legs not to work correctly, his retaining of water, his new thing we are pretty positive its partial seizes. I had them for about 10yrs and what i saw it resembles a partial. If it is i am just blown away. I hope its not but i hope it is just because it may answer some questions and reasoning for some of the things that are going on. He has renal this week and that should answer why is so bloated and he is retaining so much water. Not sure what will come out of this week but hopefully some answers.

Emily, Jace and Benjamin started school on Monday and so far they have only been half days. Tomorrow will be the first full day. Ben has never been in a full day of school. I sure hope the teachers are prepared for him. They currently have a para to help him through the day and make things easier for him. Once we get the IEP back in place he will get more services. Jace so far is liking it even though it has only been 2 half days. We will just see how it goes. Emily is already bored with school it is way to easy for her. We are keeping a close eye on what they are giving her for homework and we have already talked to the teacher about how smart she is. Hopefully they will accommodate for her being so smart. Ari seems to be doing well. She keeps asking when can she go to school. We have to jump through a bunch of hoops here in order for her to get into early preK. It is much harder here to get some of that extra things for special needs kiddos.These kids make me proud to be a father. With all that is going on with eli they just seem to take it day by day and don't really make it a big deal.

Heather has been doing pretty well. As good as you can be with all the substantial changes in the house. With all the new things going on with Eli and the kids. She does better than i do sometimes. We work very well together and we help each other get thru these hard and sometimes nearly impossible ups and downs. I am sure with all the updates on her blog you can understand what she is feeling and thinking. If you haven't visited it yet you should. Without her i don't think that i could be successful in this diet and way of life we are in. She makes me very happy to have her in my life. With all the ups and downs in our life we are meant to be together and i love her with all my heart and soul.

I will do what i can to keep you all updated more than i have it wont be 5 weeks i promise.  If you haven't yet smile.

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