Saturday, January 1, 2011

The sickness

All the family has gotten the bug except me. Luckly it has gone away quickly around 36 hrs has been the longest. After a day of rest heather is now feeling better. All the kids seem to be doing well except mr eli. He is still not doing great. Doc says to give pedilyte and to keep an eye on him. They have standing orders for direct. Fun stuff. Eli was up very early this morning very crabby. I hope he gets over it soon seems like he has had it for along time on some level. Crossing fingers for no admit. Really hoping not to get but not holding my breath.

We took down our christmas decorations yesturday. Wow it was a lot of work. Especially sine the tree was anchored to the wall. We just have alittle more to do today. We got all the decorations organized and put out in the garage. Now to enjoy the new year and all that it brings.

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