Friday, June 3, 2011

the last few days and the weekend to come

Well lets see on Wednesday not much really happened, Eli is still seeming to be really tired. Not really sure whats going on. Usually it is a sign of him getting sick. However no other symptoms so far we are all keeping a close eye on him. Monitoring all of in and outs. Making sure all his vitals are doing well and just overall keeping an eye on him.

Heather has been a busy little penguin. Killing ants, hanging pictures, putting curtains up, and just all around cleaning the house up and trying to keep the children from being really bored. Hopefully Internet and cable will help with their boredom She has done an awesome job so far. We are usually done way before this time. It is bringing the OCD out in us both. However so much has been going on at the house I don't have any bad things to say about it. She has been very busy with nursing and therapies. Lets not forget getting groceries with 4 kids and getting things to make her job easier with all 4 kids. That in itself is a difficult job. It occupies alot of her time. I love her so much she is an amazing women. I am very luck man. The kids are lucky to have a mom who cares so much for them and does all she can to make life the best.

It is hard to be in the position we are currently in. Being with some hard times and hard decisions. Dealing with the landlord and all of problems with maintenance. The kids being bored out of there minds. Getting re situated with our new life. So not easy for any of us right now. It will get better it always does. I am sure that alot of people who move have some similar problems. Just at times it seems like we are stuck at the top of a hill at no place to go. It can be very overwhelming.

Eli had an assessment with TinyK. Heather was really happy with them. They are going to focus on speech. They want to get him an IPAD. They feel that it is best. The push buttons that we have they say he doesn't appear to hear so they don't see how it is benefiting him. They also say what is the difference between picking something on an IPAD and doing it with pictures in a book, It makes perfect since to me and heather. They also will be working on pt. So hopefully with 2 organizations working with him multiple times a week we will start to see the improvements that we would love to see.

The kids just trying to get them all set up for things. You know the basics doctors summer activities to keep them from being so bored. It will keep the sanity in the house. Usually happy kids make a happy family. Not saying give away the barn however got to do somethings that will keep the content. A new area not always the easiest thing to do. There are alot of free things around here to do and some inexpensive things to do. I think we will be trying to do that this weekend. It will be nice to do things together as a family. We will just have to see how the weekend shapes up. You all read my one update for the last weekend. Hopefully no where near as chaos I know you have to have chaos to have order. I just wish chaos would come in a little slower.

 Will update more next week. Have a wonderful weekend to all.

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