Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Heather has gotten all of the curtains up. I must say it looks fantastic. My Mrs has been working very hard to get the house looking its best. She employeed the kids yesturday to help out. Looks like they got alot done. I got home and we started the garage and it is definitly coming around. It will take a few days but it will look way nicer than our other garages have in the past. We totally want it to be very useable. Hopefully we will be able to pull one or both of the cars in by the time we are done. It is very hot here so our time out in their will not be alot however the time we are out there will be very productive for sure. That is how we do things when we are together. Last night i got a router and finally set up a home network so we now officially have working internet. It is a great feeling. I didnt realize how important internet was untill we havent had it. It is mainly more for us than anyone but the kids use it for netflix and emily uses it for music. Its pretty crazy right now. Hoping soon things become more "normal". Day by day it seems to be different. Somethings better than others. The kids are still oh my bored as all get out.

Emily is want to get out of the house and do things. We havent had a chance to explore the neighborhood so as of right now we are telling her no. We are hoping one of these days when it cools down to get out and walk. It is very hot. She is reading as always. She is now reading Double Wedding Ring. It is a very good book. Emily should be able to get thru it pretty quickly. She now is excited to have cable so she can watch her favorite shows. She has been getting some down time to herself. I am sure it is not as much as she would like however i know she likes what she gets. Her additude is the same old same old she is almost eleven and acts like she is a teenager. I am sure most of you can relate. She hasnt changed much in the last 3years. She has grown up a bit and matured a bit. however she is still emily we can pretty much tell you how she will react to a situation. I hope the new school does her well and we are able to continue to get the schools to push her a bit and give her the work that she can do. We will just see.

Jace well  i dont know what it is thats in his mind. Why is gets so mean and disobinet. It is just cant keep going on. Him and I seem to duke it out on a regular basis. He isnt perfect for heather by all means but he is worse latley with me. I wish that i could get thru to him that his behavior is not right. He just doesnt listen. Maybe im using the wrong words. Maybe i am saying it in the wrong tone, I dont know. Just wish we were closer. Like a father and son connection. Dont want to replace his dad however i want him to realize what his mother and i have done for him.What things we have given up to give him and the other kids what they want. Hopefully some day that will happen. hopefully some time soon. He is a very smart boy. When he is calm and focused he can do a whole lot. He can be a very loving boy. He can be very helpful when he wants to be I just wish we saw it more.

Benjamin he turns 6 today. He is growing up so fast. I remeber when he was just turning 4. He was such a tiny little boy. I could totally see ben. He hasnt changed alot over the years. He still is a pickey eater. He still has his days even though they appear to be less. I have watched him grow so much in school. He is a very smart little man. He can be lovey when he wants to. He can also be super helpful. He has changed in many ways definitly for the better. Just wish we could get him to eat more consitantly and have a few less mood swings,

Ari oh my gosh she is a hand full. I dont know what is going on but over the last year she has totally gotten worse. All the high volume taking and non stop talking, Wish i was exagerating howerver i am not when i say she talks about 12 hours a day and she is loud. She asks so many questions. Which isnt bad in itself. Its the ones that we have already answered and then she asks again. She is our little princess. Heather and I think its  a hearing issue and that she needs to be tested again. We will be talking to her new Peditrian about hopefully we can get somethings in place. We are also working on PreK for next year.

Eli our little man is now 18 months and a few days. He is doing pretty well. He is still pretty crabby at night. Heather and I talked and we think we will start putting him to bed alittle earlier. It is not fair to let him be so tired and fussy. He has been waking up very early every morning. We dont know why we just wish he would go back to his old schedule of sleeping in untill 8 or so. He is making sounds mostly the same all the time however he is showing how big of a boy he is by trying to get what he wants and chasing after things.

Heather and I are just taking day by day trying to get our house completly situated. She is definitly doing the bulk of it and it is coming along very nicely and impressive. I am so glad to have a women like heather in my life and the kids life. She definitly holds the fort down when i am working and in so many other times. I dont feel that things would be as far done if it wasnt for her. She is the women who makes me smile just to hear her voice or to know she is thinking of me by a text. I know it is kinda sappy but its the way i feel.

Bye all have a wonderful day. Smile if you havent already. Dont forget tomorrow honor Mrs Lucy by doing some act of kindness.

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