Monday, June 6, 2011

This past weekend

On Friday I got home and Heather Emily , and Jace all went to a play a friend of ours older daughter was in. It was a parody of Shakespeare. They all seemed to enjoy it. I thought it was good for the older two to get a chance to experience that type of performances. They got home and the younger ones were sleeping and the older ones were tired. It was nice to hang out with the younger ones. They mainly just relaxed and watched a little bit of TV and then went to bed. Without not too much troubles.

Saturday.We hung out mainly at the house until about 2pm. We had the cable installation which was a smooth transition until we were told about a promotion that we asked for in the beginning and they told us that they didn't know anything about it and that we needed to talk to the installer about any questions. I was really upset because i spent already over 3hrs on the phone with them. It was just a mess. they will be out on Tuesday hopefully to give us all the things we want. The elecrtricain came over and fixed all of the electrical issues which was really nice, He was very good at his job. He works all the time and does a very good job. I would totally hire him in the future. Now we are just waiting to see if our landlord is gonna fix the plumbing. The landlord seems to not want to fix the issues in the house without pushing so we shall see. After the electrician left we went out and got some errands done. It was super hot. Eli didn't do well. He didn't urinate for almost 20hrs. He just cant handle the heat. We are not really sure what we are gonna do about it. It just really sucks not being able to go out as a family and enjoying things together. It is awfully hard to live each day to the fullest when it is so harmful to him.The nurse came and we just stayed in for the night. We had dinner together and then sat around hanging out with the kids. Then went to bed.

Sunday we went out early in the morning to do some errands. We got breakfast and then to target to finish up on the finishing touches of the house. We were out until about 11am. Eli was doing much better this time. Heather thought to supplement in between his morning off the pump with pedialyte. He did very well. It was a good call by her. Hopefully it will continue to work. Being out as a family is very important to us and our family. We enjoy being together. It is good for Eli too. For him to interact with others and see the world. We got back and did some work got some lunch and made a grocery list. Heather then went to the store for groceries and a Redbox movie for the kids and us to have family movie night we have not had that in awhile. Cant wait to have more of them. We watched Genomeo and Juliet. It was very funny. Good for kids and adults. We also had an interview with a new nurse very polite and i think she will work for the hours we are needing. She has a pretty extensive background in PEDS. Her first day is tomorrow.

This week is all about getting the house finished. Mr Ben turns 6 tomorrow. The grandparents and Paula will be coming up this weekend. Eli has like 6 appointments this week. It will be a busy week.But it will all be worth it the house I feel can be done as long as nothing crazy happens. The grandparents coming up will be good. The kids haven't seen them for a while. Paula being Eli's first nurse she is like family and we all cant wait to see her. I will update when I can this week. Positive thoughts to all hoping this week is uneventful.

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