Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday well was better than the day before.

In the morning the new nursing agency called and told us that the nurse we had was sick. So that didn't make the day any easier. Especially since Eli woke up to a bed full of formula. Which we haven't fed the bed in along time. It must of been going on for awhile because his back flow of bile wasn't there at all. So we aren't sure how much he didn't get in feeds.So heather cobanded the med port shut. With the way he has been lately and the extra heat we cant afford to feed the bed. So he was  super clilngy. Heather told me that he didn't seem to be feeling well. His heart rate was up and he hadn't peed in a while. As the day went on he was very tired. He slept for awhile. More than normal. So heather spot checked him thru out the day. She also had a nursing friend listen to his lungs. They were a little gunky however nothing to worry about yet. As the day went on he still didn't pee and we were starting to get worried because no pee means that he is getting pretty sick and that his urinary track is shutting down. Which with the GI shutdown happens every time he gets really sick. So we have to watch both of those very closely. Heather spent the day keeping an eye on our Mr Eli and making sure he was doing well. Keeping me in the loop and we discussed talking to the doctor. Even though we know they probably would tell us to either keep and eye on him or take him to the emergency room. Mostly keep an eye on him. So she did just that.

Heather was getting  the house more organized and finished. She got some curtains up and our organizing boards up. The curtains already are keeping the house cooler and also giving more privacy to the house. It just makes it feel more like a home than a house. The boards oh my. Without them we are definitely not as organized as we would like to be. So now we can get back to seeing our month in advance. Sometimes its a little overwhelming however with us all being close to the doctors we need to be close to it wont be so bad. It definitely is all coming together not as quickly as we would like but its totally coming together. Thank you to my misses for doing all she can and putting the finishing touches on our home. 

The other kids are bored. Of course no surprise. We should have cable hopefully this week at least by next week. Hoping that will ease the boredom ab it with alittle more variety to do. Trying to keep 4 kids busy is not an easy task for one person to do. You would think that with all the things they have to keep them busy they couldn't get bored. Think again. I know it is hard for them being in a new place all together and not being able to go anywhere because of us trying to get everything caught up on and trying to make life "normal" again. We have lots of things in mind for the  kids we just have to get through these days of getting our lives back together again.

Emailed the landlord the things that we need fixed around the house and now just waiting for our repair guy to come over and take care of it.

Eli finally peed this morning so I think that we are out of the woods for now. He also has some new place to do therapy today. He has speech and Physical today. I will let you know how that went.  He also has a new nurse this morning and the agency will be coming also to get paperwork done. We really like this new nurse and her qualifications and experience. She is a RN with many years behind her. We feel she will be an excellent fit for Eli. When he met her the first time he played with her which is something he doesn't do often especially with new people.

Well go to go will update when i can. postive thoughts to all

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