Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Good,THe Bad And The Ugly of this past weekend.

Well the title pretty much gives you an ideal of how this weekend went. However I will explain as to what each of these mean.

The good of this weekend: Well the good of this weekend was on Friday all of my family came home. It was very nice to see them. Heather and her dad came with the rest of the stuff from our house. I loaded up all of my things from a friends house that I had been staying at for the last 7 wks. I got home about 4:15 and Heather was interviewing a nurse for Eli. We then had sometime to unpack a few things. We then had supper and got the kids off to bed. We then sat down and watched a movie together and just relaxed a bit. So Friday was just a relaxing day getting things situated for our lives to start a new. It was a  very happy night for me. I got to see all of the kids and start to get things situated and all we could think about was all of us being together at last and spending the next three days together getting the house put together as much as we could.  Heather earlier in the day noticed that the fridge was not holding things on the shelves and in the door. So I guess this was the start of bad because with a big family you can't have only half of a fridge working.

Saturday was a very busy day. We got up early and started to get things unpacked in our room, As the morning went on we had back to back interviews with our nursing agencies. I know we need them however it kinda sucked because it took about 4 1/2 hours to get thru all the interviews. Some we liked and some we weren't totally sold on. We have pretty much made up our decision. So half of our day was gone and the fridge was still not fixed and in the morning there were many other things that just didn't work right or not at all. So we called the landlord and the maintenance guy and waited most of the day and to this day nothing is really taken care of. So i am hoping since the weekend is done things will get finished and we wont have to bother either one of them for a long time.

Sunday here is where the ugly comes in. Heather noticed early in the morning that the house was getting warm. She noticed that the AC was turned off and she turned it back on. Well a few hours later we were noticing that the house wasn't cooling down in fact it was getting very hot. Now to remind all of you our Mr Eli can not handle heat at all he cant regulate his body temperature and gets dehydrated very easily. So as he was sweating and we all were hot and pretty miserable. I contacted the maintenance guy and it took him forever to get over to the house. He first brought  a very small fridge. Like one of those apartment fridges that is good for like four people and was about half the fridge size of what was there. So once he finally got there and was able to look at the AC we had to relocate Eli because of his health issues. The  maintenance guy went and looked at the breakers and turn them off and then on. He then went outside and noticed that the motor and the fan of the AC was completely disconnected from the main unit. So after many hours of talking to the landlord and maintenance guy we finally got someone out to check on it a 8:30 at night. By about 3 i think we had to relocate the kids Emily was having some troubles with her asthma and it just was unbearable. We also lost basically the whole day of unpacking. Which we thought that we might be able to relax on Monday as a family. That so didn't happen. Luckily we have family that we are good friends with that we could stay the night with.

Monday wow. Well it got better i guess. By about 3pm the house was cooler and a new AC was installed. however we had a new nurse and we couldn't do all the things that we would normally do to get them fully up and running on the first day So we weren't totally thrilled by that.We got back to the house and tried to get somethings done. It was so not easy. Went to walmart and got some basic groceries to hold us over and some other things to help bring the house a little more together. We got as much done as we physically could. Heather is at the house today with all the kids hopefully she can motivate them to help out and make her day easier. We will just have to see.

Will give updates when i have them. Positive thoughts to all. Hoping your weekend was a very productive and relaxing one. Honoring our military.

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