Friday, April 8, 2011

Leaving on an airplane.....

TtToday we leave the big city of atlanta. We accomplished alot while we were here. Eli got his surgery done.35ml of blood, skin scrappings, urine samples, muscle biopsy, spinal tap. Now we wait. Dr shoffner will be doing 26 different test. We will know the results by the end of june.

We appreciate the southern hospitality. The ronald mcdonald house was really nice. We also got together with one of heathers friends that live in the atlanta area. It was really nice to meet them. We had dinner with them and went to the zoo. They were very nice it was nice to talk with someone living there and have a good time and just relax.

We willbe home late tonight. We will hang out with the kids on saturday before I leave on sunday. I have accepted a job in kansas city. This is a good move for us. It will allow eli to get the care and allow the family to be together more. It is a great opportunity for us. It will be rough being away from the family. Hoping to get back as often as I can and we will talk daily.

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to ultimately get what you want in life. It's a small one to ultimately be together. It's also a short time.

Have a peaceful night.

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