Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well we made it home about 1246 am. We had a big issue with our delay. We had a delay from atlanta to denver due to wind. Then from denver to wichita. Which with the delay we were running low oxygen. After we talked I went to the front and explained the situation. It seemed like they didn't really care. After talking to them they got a piece of our luggage and got the charger out. They then suggested we could use there oxygen and the pilot said no.We were then told that we would have to get off of we didn't feel that we could make it. We told them lets just go.It.was a big mess.they weren't very polite about anything. The one lady said why didn't we carry our stuff on. We told her because there airline messed up and we had to carry about 200lbs of equipment by ourselves. Which was ridiculous because wr were told we would.

Anyways we made it home safe and sound eli is very sleepy. Heck so are we. We spent the day just relaxing. Getting me ready to leave.

The next few months are gonna be rough be away from the family I can already feel it.

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