Thursday, April 14, 2011

The past three days

Sunday heather and I went shopping for some basics for my trip. She thought of all the things that I wouldnt of. Scissors, nail clippers, cd player with clock radio. She helped me pack my things. We packed up some of the meals that we made together. It was of the hardest days of my life. Seeing the tears, feeling the raw emotions, getting teary eyed myself. Knowing how much I would miss them and how much they would miss me. I know it will be only seven weeks but this is the longest time that I have been away from them. I love them so much. I know in the long run it will be the best but it's not easy knowing the hardships that lie ahead

Monday my first day at work. It was different but a nice change in the type of work that om used to. I work 8 to 5 monday thru friday so far no weekends. This will be very nice once the family is back together. I went to see a house and it was ok not exactly what we are looking for. Talked to the kids tonight. They seemed to be doing ok. They all miss me . That is to be expected . I hope it settles down at the house. Sounds like things are alittle crazy there.

Tuesday day two of the job. Still going well. Learning lots of stuff. Hopefully these 2 weeks of training go by fast. Talked to the family tonight. Looks like ben got into trouble and the rest of the kids are out of control. I told them that they need to listen to their mom and help out in the house it would be better for all if they get their chores done. And do as there told so they dont get a red or yellow cards. I thought I got thru to them. Emily got a duet in her up coming school play. I am so happy to hear that she got what.she wanted. It just stinks that I won't be able to be there. Jace says school is going well he didnt like his substitute teacher. Otherwise it seems to doing ok. Ben told me he went to recess. And thats what he did all day. Ari is ari. She still is talking loud as she can. Eli had been very tired ever since the atllant trip. He is still gaging I so hope that the ph probe next week tells us something.

Heather Is doing as good as she can. I know things arent easy especially being one adult with five kids. I miss her very much we talk as much as we can however I just want to give her a big hug and hold her. Just to see her smile. She is currently working on a really cool project. I cant wait to see it conplete.Sounds like she has made some more meals. They sounds super yummy. Cant wait to eat them. It always reminds me of home.I cant wait to be home.

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