Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday updates

The day started at 8 am and we got food we then traveled to lp RMR. It is a test that determines metabolic rate at rest. It also checks on how much oxygen he breaths and how much carbon dioxide he breaths in. To help determin how many calories he is burning during resting.

we then saw dr shoffner. He is awesome. For those of you who don't know him he is a neurologist, a is board certified in Neurology, Biochemical Genetics, and in Molecular Genetics and directs the Molecular Laboratory at Medical Neurogenetics. He is very good he llooked over all the medical records.he knew all about eli and about our journey. He wants to do a muscle bibiopsy, spinal tap, some blood work, and skin scrapping. He wants to rule out all he can.

We also went to pre admission to get the remaining paperwork done fora tomorrow.Went back to rmh relaxed getting dinner.more updates when we have them.

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