Monday, April 4, 2011

Todays travels

Man it was a rough night. Mr eli decided it was a good idea to wake up at midnight. He was very upset. It took over an hour to get him to calm down. Changed two diapers and rocked him. He finally went to sleep.

We woke up about 230 and took showers. Got to the airport around 445 went in. I forgot how heavy the bags were luckly we had a friend with us to help us on our way. It was a mess. The airline didnt open on time,they didnt have an assitant for us. We waited almost 40 minutes and we finally got someone to help us. The second guy at the counter was rude. I had to let it go lack of sleep and being impatient due to there messup really got under my skin.

So we finallu make our way to the security check and of coarse they were busy as could be. Our assistant said that our friend could get a gate ticket to help us with all our stuff. No one said we could do that. It took forever to get thru security. They did a check thru all our med bags because we didnt want things to go thru the machine. That didnt make them happy. However we tried to call the day before and could not get a hold of anyone.

we got to the terminal and got to load up early.we also got to move to better seats. Eli did well on the first leg. He slept for most it. Now almost a three hour layover. We made it to atlanta about 430. The flight was delayed by about an hour and a.half due to weather in atlanta. It was such a mess once we landed. There was no one there to help us with our bags as we were told. Heather had to stand outside in a smoking area while I got the rental. The airline wasn't very helpful we will be filling a complaint.

We got to our ronald mcdonald house and ate dinner and met some really nice people. The let us know that we could stay at the other one that is much closer to the hospital. So we took it and now we are headed to bed. Goodnight all. Will post some after.appointments.

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