Thursday, April 14, 2011


Day three of the job got a new trainer. She is very good. This job is slightly overwhelming. There is so much to learn. Called the house emily and jace got into trouble tonight. The didnt come home when they were supposed to. Humph just wish they would use there watch and get home on time. And just do there chores and help out more. Jace got to pull a green card. He helped out alot yesturday with house work and doing his chores. Emily had her state assesments. She says she is doing well at school. Ben told me that he had recess and that he is being a good boy. Ari is ari not much changes with ari. She has been taking,naps lately which I think is a good thing. Eli my little man heather called me on video chat so I could see him,he is my handsome little man. Heather told me he trying to pull hinself up on everything. He is trying to be such a big boy. Everytime I talk to the family I miss them even more. I cant imagine how it must be for them. I love video chat it is alittle rough on video and sound however it is so nice to see everyone. It is so cute what eli does with the phone he puts his hands and head on it like im there with him. He even made some noises as if he was talking to me. Some nights are harder than others not sure why but they are.

I miss being home. Hanging out with heather playing wii in the afternoon just relaxing. Staying up at night watching out shows together. That nice warm feeling when you curl up next to the person you love so very much. The security you feel and the warmth you feel when you look into there eyes and know what they are feeling. I know it sounds kinda sappy but im not a normal guy I am intouch with how I feel. I tell the truth on how I feel. Heather helps me to be me. Peace out sleep well. I may have forgot things but life has been pretty crazy cant wait untill this rollercoaster ride slows down just a bit.

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