Sunday, April 3, 2011


HyOn thursday we visited with our new dme and the respitory specialist told us she would l
ook into it. We called them initially and they told us we could not get it. They said that it would take two weeks and cost an umbelievable amount. The specialist called many people and got it for us at the last minute.

I had to run to the doctors and get all papers since we thought we were driving.major busy. Heather spent 2hrs on the phone calling everyone to get things ready while I was getting docs to sign paper.

We head to atlanta tomorrow. We need to be there at 4 am for check in. We will be able to take all his medical equipment on the airplane. We have alot of things to take. We have spent the last two days packing and getting things taken care of. We are exhaust beyond exhausted. I will post again tomorrow. Sweet dreams all.

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