Tuesday, May 3, 2011

updates for the last 3 wks

So much has happend in the last 3 weeks. First i must apologize for not posting really anything. It is pretty hard to post much  directly from the phone. I will try to do better now that i have access to a computer pretty much daily

Ok here is an overview of the last 3 weeks: WORK
  I started work. went through 2 weeks of training. Got on the floor last week and started the begining of my job. I am now waiting for the next part making calls. I cant wait data entry is very tedious and boring. we should be making some outbound calls by the end of the week. We are doing mock calls and role playing to get the script down to make sure we are helping our customers the best we can, I don't like to roleplay however it is very helpful to get input on how you can word things and better take care of our customers.


About 3 weeeks ago Heather had a suggestion about taking a train home to suprise the kids. It was an excellent idea. Took a train from Kansas City to Newton. This train goes all over the place as far as california. I left about 10:30 pm and got to newton about 2:30am. It was an interestiong experience. I have never been on a train before. I liked it I would totally do it again.  That weekend was very nice. Heather woke up and met me at the door. I was very happy to see her. We hugged it was such a warm and very need one. We went to bed and got up the next morning. Heather saw a big spider and i came out to kill it. Then we went downstairs to see the boys. Heather went first. I came up behind her and said boys. They were very suprised and then the girls came down to see what was going on. The kids were super happy to me as i was super happy to see them. It was a short visit becaues Eli had an appointment that monday. We left saturday to go look at houses. Heather went back on Tuesday. It was hard to know that she was leaving. Then i came up the following weekend. It was a rough drive my car decided to not put any ac out and i couldn't  put down the windows. Pulled over and got air for the tire and made it in alittle later than i would of liked. The weekend was fun.  We did alot together we hung out on saturday. We  played wii and watched tv.It was really nice. heather and I cooked a fantastic dinner together. It was a garlic crusted chicken with potaoes, carrots, fresh green beans.It had a super yummy sauce with it. We also made a very yummy dessert with rasberries and chocalat. I so miss those days when we are able to spend that time in the kitchen together. I love helping with meals. It gives us a different type of quality time that I feel is unique and special.

We then spent sunday at church and went out with heathers parents to a resturant for brunch. It was very nice to hang out as a family and just relax. We did easter and the inlaws house then we went back to our house and did easter their. It was super interesting ideal from heather. We thought thru multiple ideas and she thought of boxes. So we made lots of  boxes and put them along with envelopes with eggs all around. It was very cool the kids totally enjoyed it. After clean up we did supper. I was gonna go back to KC however my tire was flat.  I had to call into work and let them know i wasn't gonna be able to be in since there was no tire place open on easter sunday. It was nice to be home for an extra day. I didn't like missing work though. I'm pretty lucky that my work is very understanding at this point. So i went late on monday. I hung out with the mrs during the day. I helped clean up the house abit and we got some errands done. It was hard to leave again. I just wanted it to be over with and be home with my family for longer than i have been. It's rough on all of us. It is different for each one of us. I feel it is the hardest on heather and I because we were so used to being around each other so much and spending the time together. I just don't like it. I know that this is the best option for our family to be together  and get the best care possible.

HOUSE Looking:

Wow house looking was a mess heather and I located over 30 properties. Let me tell you it was rough getting call backs, recieving e-mails, trying to find the houses. Between heather and I we looked at about 10 houses. Some were tiny for the price some were in areas that were awful and slightly scary some were alittle out of our price range. Then we saw two that were in our range and good size. On both of them it took along time to get intouch to see if we qualified to rent. They have high expectations on some of these house. We have been looking around all over all the way up to 45 minutes away. Not something we wanted to do but we know we have to do what we have to do. We found a house that is in the neighborhood that we wanted good schools enough room for all of us within our price range overall we are pretty happy with our choices. I will put picturse when we have them. We are just waiting for them to fix somethings in the house before we start to move in.

Me i'm just me. Still alittle stressed becaues there is so much stuff going on. Can't wait untill everything comes together and we are all together as a family again. Alittle normalcy in our lives would be great. my meds are doing well for me. Not having to many issues with them. Which is a good thing it has made things alittle easier. All i can say is that i'm missing my family every second of the day they cross my mind. Just hearing the kids.makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Just hearing heathers voice puts a smile on my face and lets me know that everything will be alright just is gonna take time .
Positive vibes and thoughts to all.

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