Monday, May 23, 2011

this past weekend updates

Friday the movers came and heather got them all situated and made sure things were done as well as they can. She interviewed some nurse for Eli . and then we did a alot of  unpacking of the kitchen Friday night. We were pretty busy.

Saturday we got over to the new house and did alittle more unpacking as we waited for another nurse to come and interview. We got thru a few boxes. The rest of the week will be doing as much as i can to get as much done. Saturday night was amazing. I have so many things i could say about Saturday night but amazing is probably the most fitting. Maggie heathers mom got us tickets to see Josh Groban. The local radio station got us back stage passes to meet and great him. The night started off with the meet and great we walked back stage and we just couldn't believe that we were meeting this performer that had helped get us thru so many hospital stays. We would listen to him alot when we were hospitalized. Listening to him just seemed to bring comfort. So we were backstage and it was our turn to have him sign and take a picture with us. I gave him one of Eli's cards and told him how much he meant to our family. Then we went to our seats and listened to his opener EMU  I think this is how it was spelled. Then Josh came out and we listened to him sing many songs just amazing the talent he has and how personable he is. He then comes to the center stage and starts to talk about the next song and what he thought when writing it about his family and friends. And out of no where he talked about our little man meeting us backstage and our 18month son. It was only seconds of a referral however it touched us so deeply. It was such a fitting song for our family i held on to my wife and got pretty emotional. Something that I don't do in public. I just couldn't help my self. Here is the link to the song that he sang and i feel dedicated to Eli and our family.  Thank you so much Mr. Groban for making this night such an amazing,emotional, and fun night for us. You really are a fantastic performer. Be sure to know we will be attending again.

We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives. Our lives have changed so much by all that have touched us. Some in song some in just sending prayers. Some by giving just abit of there time for  food and items that we may need. Even some by giving a meal to those that are taking care of our other 4 children. Thank you all for your support.

You know something Eli has touched so many lives and have had us evaluate our lives differently. We have moved away from family and friends to get him the best help possible. Being a parent isn't always easy however with Eli we have learned to enjoy the small things in life. The small accomplishments that we see and done. It is an emotional ride that we will be on forever. I use a roller coaster as an example. Some days go by so fast and some by so slow we have our high moments and our low moments. It would be nice to get off of this roller coaster, however it is a thrill to be on it. We never know what the next day will bring. Eli has defiantly made it an interesting ride. I know that i learn something from him almost everyday. How strong he is and how much he just pushes on to the next day usually with a smile on his face.

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