Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Counting down the days

Well the last few days I have been a busy bee trying to get the house taken care of . Mainly the important stuff. Like sheets and blankets for the beds fixing the door to the garage getting rid of pesky ants putting together the entertainment/ family room. I also have been counting down the days until we are together again. I am totally not sure how other people do it. Everyday i think about my family and how much i am missing whats going on in there lives. The thing is i guess our family has a different dynamic than some. You would think that just seeing heather and Eli just a few days ago would hold me over until i see them again and well it hasn't. It is only basically 3 days until i see everyone. I really hope that it starts to feel like it is going fast. It probably doesn't help that at work i am  so bored. but i do remember at my other job i was anxious almost everyday to be home. Maybe it was because i didn't like it or maybe its just because i missed my family. I really hate missing out on things. 

My tiny man got his wheelchair yesterday and he appears to me that he really likes it. It will be very good for him to be able to interact with people at more of an eye level. Be able to do therapy in it. Be able to play on it. This is going to alot like him with his hearing aides and glasses it will give him a whole different perspective on life. Well i don't have much more to say so here is a couple of pictures that i have of Eli and his wheelchair and Heather and I meeting Mr Groban.

                                               Mr Eli and his wheelchair reading a book

Heather Mr Groban and Me

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  1. I love Eli's new wheels! I can't wait to get Harmony's, for all the reasons you state. Just a much better perspective, getting to interact more, etc.
    I can't imagine having to be away from Gabe and Harmony for longer than just being at work. I love my job, but still sit here and wish I was at home hanging out with them. So though it sucks, I'm pretty sure that you missing them madly is completely normal. I hope you are all back together again so very very soon!