Tuesday, May 3, 2011

this past weekend

This past weekend has been a roller coaster ride. Friday night heather came into town and we went and looked at the house i mentioned in the previous post. It was in rough shape however they assured us everything would be done before our date of move in. We stayed up until about 11pm. Talking to our friends and just hanging out it was really nice just to relax and not have really any worries.  About 1:30 eli's stats dropped and his monitor went off. I got up and checked on him and realized he was wet. I picked him up and realized that his gj had completely came out. I woke heather the rest of the way and i was pretty panicky. I asked if she packed a spare and she said no so i stuck my finger in the whole for about 15 seconds and looked around at our friends house to see if they had any laying around no luck. We had to wake them to get some extra help. They got up and found that they had an extra set because there daughter has a gj. We tried to put it in and just couldn't get it. We asked the RN at the house which is one of our friends lucky for us to see if she could it and she did. Heather called the hospital and they told us to come in. They had us sitting around basically for almost 4 hours and then told us to go home and come back because there wasn't anyone that could put it in until 8am. So wish they would of told us that. Would of been super nice to get alittle more sleep. We then went and signed papers for the house. We then helped out at our friends house with her garage sale. It was nice to sit for a bit. We then went around and checked out the are that night.

Sunday we had kinda a lazy day we were still so tired. Heather and Eli napped. I finished a book i have been trying to finish for a long time. I was finally able to do it now on to one of heathers other favorites. Her most favorite Double Wedding Ring. She has great taste in books. So far every book that she has recommended have been fantastic. Before we went out eli decided to try stairs didn'tAs the day went we just kinda hung out until the evening. Then the evening came and heather and i went out to a very nice restaurant. We had a fantastic time just US and i love it when we can just have US sometime. It was quite and very relaxing night with good food and very romantic setting. This was 100% her idea she is very smart like that. She always seems to surprise me with her thoughtfulness. I am always thinking of things that can top hers. I guess it is that competitive side of me. Or maybe its just being a man who wants to do special things and not always sure what to do and wants  to make it really good.

Monday i went back to work. Not an always exciting job we are currently doing data entry at this point however will be doing some calls soon. yeah i love interacting with people. Heather and I went to the house afterwards and there has been some very nice progress on the house. Lot of new fresh paint. We then cooked dinner together which as i mentioned before i totally enjoy doing. We then sat around with our friends and watched a movie and talked and played a game on our phones called.Words with Friends very fun. It is on the android market. It was nice and relaxing.

Today more appointments for our tiny. Will update when i can. Many thanks and positivity to all.

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