Friday, May 6, 2011

thursday updates

Family wise Mr ben is very sick. He spiked a 102. fever. Heather called the doctor and she said to bring him in. He was severely dehydrated and he has strep throat. He was in so much pain. I was talking to heather and you could hear him screaming in pain. It was awful to hear cant even imagine to be right there while he was screaming. It took awhile to get him to tell heather what was hurting. She rushed him to his pediatrician and they started IV fluids right away. He was so bad that he had to be carried. He couldn't walk at all. It is really weird he was talking about monsters and  flashlights. Heather couldn' understand what he meant. Come to find out kids with strep don't always get a sore throat. however they can hallucinate. most of the time when children get it they may not have any sore throat. They may spike a fever. So the doctor gave him a big needle with some penicillin. And told heather he should be feeling better by today and not contagious after today. Heather and I talk and agreed that if needed he would be admitted to CMH here in Kansas City.

Heather is still feeling lousy. I'm not completely sold that it is allergies, She tried some meds last night and didn't appear to help at all.Hopefully she can get into a doc today just to check her out and see if their is anything seriously wrong. She is pretty tired since mr ben woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and slept with her. Unfortunately he moves alot when he sleeps/They are all coming up today. Eli has an appointment with his pediatrician today at 3 just to get checked up on and get back on track with the plan of care since there is so much new stuff and to check about his ears and the whole fluid issue. Hope we somethings to move forward.

Me I'm just really anxious to see the whole family. I am hoping ben is feeling better and gets moving soon so he can be with everyone too. I'm at work still keying information into our system. Hopefully next week we will start making some calls. Yesterday i got to talk to the newest hire class about what i do and how to help our customers while we are on the phone. I was so in my element that is what i enjoy the most is training and helping to develop people for their jobs. I hope i get to do it some more. We will just have to see.

Will have more information as I get more. Please send your thoughts and prayers for ben to have a speedy recovery and heather gets to feeling better.

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