Monday, May 9, 2011

this past weekend

Wow this past weekend was crazy and very stressful.

  On friday the family got here early so eli could get to his appointment.  Come to find out that eli's ears are not filled with fluid they are swallon due to allergies. His doctor perscribed zyrtec. Hopfully it will it will take care of it,  He so doesnt need much more to hinder his learning. We then went over to the house and looked to see what had been done. The kids were super excited about the house.Somethings got done however there were some issues that needed to be addressed. So i called up the landlord and explained the issue and he assured me that they would be taken care of.  We then went out to dinenr. It was ok. Ben was still not feeling well and just being very difficult. He was repeating himself over and over for something to drink and eat. It was a good thing in a way because it was a struggle for anyone to get him to eat or drink. We then went back to where we were staying and got ourselves situated. It was not an easy night for the kids they were pretty wond and just wouldn't settle down. They finally got to bed and settle down after a bunch of times telling them to knock it off. They finally went to sleep.

Saturday wow craziness again. We all went to a farmstead in overland park. It was very cool the kids seemed to enjoyed it. We went and road horses and walked around  and went into the wigwams and teeps and saw lots of things. It is free for overland park residence. It is very big.They did pretty good there. Ben was still anry and his feet hurt so that didnt make the mood perfect however it wasnt to bad.They were pretty unsettled though. The kids were just out of control afer we got back and in the car that was the worse in the morning all i was trying to do is keep them under control and i must say i wasnt doing a very good job. We got back to the house later than we would normally would, They got lunch then it was rest time. A much need one for that matter. I spent a lot of time trying to fix a toliet. With very little success. The kids got up and once again they werent our kids. Something just went off somewhere. I figured coming to see me and being in someone elses house that they would be on their best behaviour. I guess i was wrong. So wrong that they almost went home on sunday.The night came and they went to bed. It appeared to go alittle smoother.

Sunday came and well. I took the kids back to the farmstead. Heather suggested it on Saturday and thought why not give her a bit of a break from the kids since she is the one with them all the time. Everyone needs a break. I think it is absolutly necessary in order to keep the stress down, So the kids and I went back to the farmstead and went fishing and fed the goats. It was nice just to hang out with them and bound with them. I defintly would like to find some other things that we could do together again. We went over to the house and wrote all the things that needed to be finished from our end. It is a big list however an easy list should only take me about a week to a week and half to do everything. Just because i dont get off untill 5pm everydayt and unfortunaly my OCD will not stay at bay. However it needs to be done and i dont want to make it a big deal with the landlord.Then we got back and we ate some lunch and  the kids relaxed and napped. They also played with the other kids that are in the house we are staying with. It seemed like the day was going better especially after the morning hours. There was still tons of stress going on in the house however it was improving. I spent another hour or so fixing the toliet i thing I finally got it done. Then heather and I made up dinner it was our yummy breakfast casserol and french toast casserol. Then we sat down as a family and watched a movie together. Then off to bed the kids did much better that night. Heather and i cuddled up together in our room and watched greys anatomy. It was super nice.

Monday It was back to work for me and back to wichita for the family. Nothing special for today. The next two weeks are gonna be pretty stressful. I know it will get easier however heather will have to do alot of work. I am really hoping that she can get some help with all the packing. I will be going there this weekend to help as much as i can it wont be much however at this point anything is better than not helping at all.  I will be posting some pics once i figure out how to get them to uploaded.

Have a wonderful day.

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