Thursday, May 19, 2011

this last few days

I am sorry for not updating recently but after reading this post i hope you all will understand.

Friday night i got in about 8:15pm. It was really nice to see the family. Eli and heather still weren't doing any better. In fact they were doing worse. We just thought both were suffering from allergies. Eli continued to drop his stats at night hardly ever staying above 92% O2. Heather was still coughing and feeling miserable. I got up with eli during the night to give her a break and so she could sleep. She didn't sleep real well from what i can recall.
Saturday came and heather wasn't feeling much better in fact it seemed worse than the day before. She was on some antibiotics that just didn't seem to be doing anything. Along with all the other meds that were suggested. Eli decided to make the day eventful by dropping his stats thru out the day. By 4p, we made a descion after getting a hold of the doctor to take him to the emergency room. We got there and they did a chest xray. The doctor wasn't super sold on the the xray however said that it was ok and to just keep an eye on him because he looks ok and the xray was pretty good comparably to all the others he has had and seen. We finally got home about 7pm and got supper and ice cream and heather and i just relaxed after a pretty stressful day. We cleaned out the garage together which seemed to make heather even worse than before.

Sunday came and I was gonna run a load to the new house however heather was struggling and the night before she had a very rough night up most of it. So we called the doctor and she prescribed another antibiotic and breathing treatments due to the fact she was having troubles breathing and had really low energy levels. It was so bad that they strongly suggested for her to come in on Monday and get a chest xray. I decided to take Monday off so i could help heather out with the house and the packing. I am so glad that i did.

So on Monday she went to the doctor and got a xray and sure enough it is what she thought it was pneumonia. Pretty bad case of it. Very little sounds in her right lobe of her lungs. She was in pretty bad shape so I decided to take a day off to let the meds kick in and see how she was doing and she didn't really show alot of improvement. Her energy levels was very low and she still was coughing alot. Eli was still running some low grade fevers and being very clingy. You could tell that he wasn't feeling well. The doc just said its probably allergies. hmm we are not totally sold on it. We are giving his new meds sometime to work. With heather still feeling pretty crummy and not having alot of energy to do much I stayed one more day at home to help out with the house and do what i could to help her feel better. It was along day on Tuesday.We took a load up this day actually it was three loads. the house is so full of boxes. We really didn't have much of a choice due to we were afraid we wouldn't be able to fit everything in the truck.

On Wednesday i left early in the morning so i could get to work i then interview a nurse which totally didn't work out then i went to the house and moved boxes around. Emily got really sick and had to come home from school. She went to the doctors and said her lungs were good and they gave her a steroid and breathing treatments to help with the falling Oxygen and increase HR. The doctors think that it could have something to do with her asthma. I really cant wait for everyone to be better. It is got to be very hard on Heather especially with her not feeling herself. They said it may take up to 10 days for her to feel like her old self. They also want to do a follow up chest xray to make sure that it is all gone and that she wont need a second dose of antibiotics. We will just have to see what happens.

So far i am feeling fine a little tired but that is about it. jace and ben have not had any symptoms yet. Ari was sick for abit a bad cough however the antibiotics that she got seemed to clear it all up, Eli as of today is doing fine still coughing and gaging  but overall he seems to be doing well. He does however have some blisters on his 3 molars he is getting in so that could definitely contribute to is low grade fevers and his fussiness.

Life is just really crazy with the moving people getting sick trying to get everything situated. So can't wait until this move is done things will slowly get back to our normal life. We shall see what today brings.

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