Friday, May 27, 2011

The time is here

The last couple of days have been really busy trying to get the house situated and the important things put together and fixed. We will be together as a family again as of about 4:15 today. I am so excited to see everyone. Being able hug the kids and ask how there day was. Helping out keeping them on track. Watching them as they unpack there stuff and getting there rooms put together. It will be along weekend however I am so looking forward to it. It will be nice being able to have Heather and I working together getting the house situated. It will be our home.It feels like a new start for us as a family. Not needing to worry about how Heather and Eli will get here for doctor appointments. Not having them gone for days. Getting Eli the best care that he can get and its close to our house. Also getting the kids to their specialist. Being able to have some  "normalcy" back in the house for us all. It will be along road to get re situated however i know we can do. We have done it before. Heather is interviewing a nurse today hopefully she likes them and they are a good fit for our family. We then have 4 more tomorrow. It will be super helpful if these ones work out. It so would be nice to have one started on Tuesday so heather can have the help that she needs with Eli. Lately he has been a handful. Our last interviews didn't go so well.
 Eli got his wheelchair readjusted yesterday. It didn't fit him quite right. So heather spent about 2 hours yesterday getting it taken care of. I have seen pictures but i cant wait to see it inperson. He totally seems to like it. It will be good for him.

So as of now there isn't much more to say. Positive vibes to all. Hoping my Mrs and the kids have a safe and quick trip. By for now next post should be Tuesday since we don't have Internet at the house just yet.

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  1. Hey there~
    I'm so glad all is going well for your family. I have been keeping up with Tiny's health between your and Heather's posts. My prayers are with Eli and your family! Best of luck, enjoy your family time as it has been a long time coming!! Can't wait to read more updates!
    ~Linda Loney