Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday updates

Moving Day:

Well the moving day didn't go as smooth as we would of hoped.the movers got to our house around  3pm. They immediatly said that it wasn't all gonna fit. Which is a really bad thing . So i called back and forth and talked to the higher ups and got no satisfacion. Heather  kept me updated as much as she could. We both realized that they were right. i personally think they didnt pack it well. They finally got done about 6:30. They will be here in overland park around 12pm.

I am doing pretty good alittle tired and still a little stressed. But thats pretty normal for me. It will be much better once the family moves up here in Tminus 7 days. I started a new scheduel at work. 7 to 4. It is taking me a bit to get used to it. You wouldnt think one hour would make a difference but it does. This is the schedule I wanted since day one. It will work very well for our family. I can be home to help with the cooking and taking care of the kids. Also be able to hang out and have family movie night and game night. I miss having those nights. It will also give heather and I some down time at night to watch our shows together. It will also be easier to find nursing for eli with the hours. I have been going to the house and getting things ready for the movers. This week i will be working on some unpacking.Heather and I will be doing the bulk of it together. We love working together and helping each other out to make our house a home.

Heather seems to be doing better she is still tired and she doesnt have all of her energy back. Hopefully she will get better soon and the meds willl continue to work. Also yesturday as she was puttng in elis car seat that the therapist loaned us she may have broken her thumb. She went to the doctor and they couldnt tell by exam so they sent her to get a xray anfd hopefully will know for sure today. All i can say is it is really swallon and she says it hurts that doesent suprise me looking at it you can tel it hurts. Heather will be with the movers today to get things in the house. She will be helping me with the unpacking today and then when she come back next weekend.

 Emily she was taken out of school again. For not being able to breath well. She went to the doctor and the doctor doubled her steriod and gave her some antibiotics. They also want her to see a pulminologist for her asthma. They think that between her allergies, asthma and the sinus infection it is causing her to have the breathing problems.
Jace seems to be doing well still no symptoms yesturday he wasnt totally happy he forgot his school snack and he was very upset. He had a lorge portion of the morning to get and just didnt. Hopefully that will help him use his time more effectivly.

Benjamin he went with his respite worker to a pottery place to do his own. he choose lightning mcqueen. They said it should be done by next week. He is still enjoying school and recess.

Ariana well she is still our little princess. Still as talkative as always Playing and jsut keeping  it Ari

Eli is still choking and gaging. His meds dont seem to be doing anything it is very fustrating. Many things he used to be able to do he cant anymore and the new stuff he is learning is hard for him. I just hope someone can help us figure out the secretion issue. He is pretty miserable during his episodes. It is totally not fair for my little man to continu e to suffer like this. Somethings gotta give soon. I remeber holding him for the first time and just thinking you are gonna do great things in your life eli. He is a fighter howerver every fighter has battles that are not as easy as some. i just want to get things under control so he can move on and get to do all that he is capable of.

More updates to come.

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