Friday, May 13, 2011

updates from yersturday

Emily is just being emily she is enjoying school and is a little apprehensive about going to a new school next year i told her it will be fine and it is whats best for out family so we can be together more often. She seems to understand. I think once she gets up here she will meet new people and get to do fun things it will be all worth it for her.

Jace is enjoying school. His new thing is the pink panther cartoon from when most of us were his age. He tells me all about it. how funny it is it kinda cool to hear him explain the story to me. He seems to not care either way if he moves or not.

Benjamin he is a funny little man heather sent me a picture of him laying in one the empty book shelves.He is completely over his what ever it was. He has his good days and bad days. He tells me all about recess all the time he usually tells me that is all he did.

Ari she has been one of the tougher ones lately she got a yellow and a red card all in one day for not listening and not doing what she was told. After the cards were redeemed she seems to be doing better.

Eli just started his new meds and so far i haven't heard anything that would say holy cow some major changes with it. We will just see how it goes it may take a bit of time to see if it will help stop the gaging and the swelling of the ears.

Heather seems to be doing well except for her allergies she still has them pretty good unfortunately. Some days are better than others. She is defiantly doing everything she can to get the house done. She has been packing like a packing queen. I am so happy on the progress she has been making. She is still trucking along with packing the house for the rest of this week and next. She is definitely working very hard. I am very proud of her and the work she has done. I cant wait until i can give her alittle break a well needed break. She is going to knitting tonight. Not alot of time but she totally deserves to take sometime to herself.

Me i'm just working and doing what i can to keep things moving along. Getting things settled at the new house. Making some final arrangements for nursing and moving. I went over to the other house and put some new locks in the house and more light bulbs, screwed in some screws removed nails. I will be going back over there tonight to do some more work. Getting utilities taken care of just odds and ends. Defiantly not hard work however time consuming. It is the least i can do since heather to me has the hardest job of all. Then tomorrow i head home.

Yeah cant wait to be home and seeing the family again it has only been 5 days but it feels way longer. I am just waiting for it all to be over so we can just sit and enjoy each others company. I am sure that everyone else is feeling the same way.

Cool things Corner
Something that heather came across in a magazine If you have an android phone, Iphone ,or an I pad this site is pretty cool. I love apps for my phone and they are all free. Some are good and some are not so good. I've tried many apps of the same kind and deleted some that i didn't like.

Well got to go for now will update when i can. Smile if you haven't yet.

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