Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11am update

Well eli is headed for surgery. He will be getting a port. It will help him when he needs an iv and getting blood work. Also he will be getting a new gj today. His has some black remits that no one seems to know what it is. Also he is leaking out of his stoma still. We are changing it alot. He will also be doing the bear hearing screening to find out how much hearing we have. His blood work came back hemolized no suprise and they also didn't get enough so his doc is putting it on stand b. They finally got a urine sample so we are waiting for those results to come back. The other test still say he is dehydrated. They also are checking his piloric valve they suspect that it could be block. They also think that he could have a puesdo obstruction. If not the other things are bad enough.

I'm always concerned when eli goes for any surgery. He has had multiple issues with anestia. He had to be intibated and it was very scary. It's definitley something that I don't wish this experience on anyone. Emotions are crazy at this point.

I will be as strong as I can because that's what parents do. That's what spouses do for each other. they do everything they can to keep the stress level down. Eli is a very determined little man. He will do well that is my montra. We will do fine. We have friends and family that care about us. more updates when we have them.

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