Friday, January 28, 2011

Surgery day update

Today eli had his surgery. Heather and i came up about 730 this morning. We talked to the docs as we do every morning. Explained what was gonna happen and said that there was as always no guarentees on the time. The infectious disease doc came in and told us that it would be most likely 2 weeks more after today. This was to allow the antibiotics to do there job and that they dont send it home with families. We also won't know about the anticolagent for his clots until we know if they were taken out during surgery. Eli also has to have 2 negative blood cultures which can take up to 6 days to get the results back before we know what else we need to do.
At 120 we went to the recovery room and met with the surgeon really nice guy and the anestiaologist. We really liked her she understood mito and was 100% willing to follow the protocal. It took about 45 minutes then he went back. The surgeon came out and explained that the port came out easy. He was unsure of the clot if it came out or not so he sent it out to be tested. He also took blood cultures and took some cultures from inside of eli where the port was to check on infection.
About an hour later i went up and had them call back to see how he was doing. They said he had a fever and that his o2 stats were not where they would like them to be. So they put him on a 1/4 l/hr and tylenol and fever broke quick and o2 levels came back to normal. When he came out he was wide awake. It was amazing he has never been that way after surgery. He usually is sleeping and very hard to keep stats at a decent level.
We went upstairs back to the peds floor which another thing that never happends always in the picu for atleast 24hrs. When we got to the room he wanted mama and he played abit and hung out with us he did very well. I must say i'm very happy that they followed the mito protocol that they followed i really believe that made the difference.
He is now sleeping he is beat. Too bad he has his ultrasound tonight at nine to see about anymore clots. Crossing fingers that all will be show none. Positive thoughts. I'm sure he will go back to sleep. Will update more when we can. Good night all and thank you for all the positve thoughts and prayers and help that we have recieve.
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