Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick update

My little tiny man has gotten worse high fever iv in the head and cath. The night was very bad ran multiple test. No one knows whats going on. I super concerned. Heather is doing ok as ok as anyone can be. The resident is terrible. Now just waiting for the doc.

update 1220pm Resident came back in and apolgized to heather about not really listening. it seems like he probably talked to the people on the floor and they advised him about what type of people we are and how much information he can get from parents if he just listens.

Dr heflin came and talked. it sounds like they may do surgery to put in a port for drawing blood and giving fluids. heck we have been asking for that for along time. She also said that they would try to do the hearing test and the cpap at the sametime so we wouldn't have put him thru anything else.No suprise she is calling the surgeon,pulmologist and possible the urologist. eli's body isn't relieving any urine on its own or any bowel movement. Hopefully that will change soon.

So now we are waiting to find out what the surgeon wants to do. They tried to get blood which heather and I were pretty sure that they wouldn't and they couldn't so now we wait until 4 for vitals. Temp is down a bit but heather said that it's been going up and down. It's very frustrating that no ones anything. It just angers me and I'm trying to not to show it or express it cause as a man you are supposed to the calm one. I can tell you it's not easy. More updates when I get them.

update 250pm
Dr molik eli's surgeon will be around soon. eli stoma the hole that the gj is in has been leaking very badly for the last 24hrs. she will be around soon we hope to let us know what her thoughts are and what is the next step. she will tell us if we will have surgery.

update 515pm
Eli is not peeing at all the last 3hrs. We noticed that his cath fell out. his 2 by 2's are soaked in bile. He is very uncomfortable. all day he has been very clingy and he hasn't let heather set him down all day. Everytime he gets moved he cries. He is so miserable. Still waiting on the surgeon humph this waiting game sucks. They were gonna try some elecare and we said no and after the nurse looked over him she called the doc. The doc said that we will wait and see. If he doesn't pee by 8am tomorrow they will put the cath back in. his body isn't moving anything out. It really sucks I really wish I could help my little man. I really hope that heather gets some sleep but I don't know hope mr e will give her a break.

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