Wednesday, January 26, 2011

kc day 4

After doing some test they found that Eli has a blood clot on his port. They have also informed us that he has a full blood infection due to our last hospital stay. When eli was went to wesley in wichita they didnt check for any of these things. All they said was that he had an infection. If they would of checked is blood they may of found the infection of the blood and some of this may have been avoided.We talked to the hemotolgist and infectionous disease doctors and they say they say that there are two options on the clot and infection. One we maybe able to treat with antibiotics and blood thinners inorder to save the port. However if the antibiotics dont work then the port will have to be taken out. The main doctor on the PICU has made it clear however that if we need to do surgery then he wants the infection under control because they will have to put in an IV however this may spread the infection.If they cant get the infection to stop then they will have to due surgery. So it's very complicated.

 We were told during the night last night that his port has stopped working and they may have to take it out.Eli's heartrate and respiration has been high since he has been here. He also had a fever. This morning we will be talking to the doctors on options on the possible removal of the port.

I just want to say thank you for all the support we have been given. All the prayers and postive thoughts. All the helpful suggetions. And the food and the snacks that have been brought up. It is so humbling to have such great people to give that type of support. Especially when we dont fell the hospital is really giving any of that.

I will try to post later when we know more. We are still kinda in communication limbo with very little ways to communicate.

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