Sunday, January 2, 2011


Eli has been pretty sick over the last few days. He has gotten worse. He was very lathagic yesturday and after heather and i talked we called his doc. After talking to the doc she said for us to keep an eye on him and if anything change to let her know. She also said she wanted labs done. So we called around and found someone that could do it however it was going to cost . We called dr h his doctor and she said to keep an eye on him overnight.

The night was rough. Started basically at about 6pm. He was very sleepy and didnt want to do anything. We put him to bed about 8. About 1230am he woke up crying. I got up checked on him got him somemore food, changed his diaper twice. Those were pretty bad. He seems not to be able to keep it down. He was pretty uncomfortable and not very happy. We gave him ibuprofren, changed his diapers multiple times applied A and D fantastic stuff however nothing seemed to help.

Heather was awake and we talked trying to figure out what we could do. At about 330 heather went into his room and we made a bed on the floor and we took eli out of bed. She tried to cosleep with him however it still didnt seem to work. She ran to walmart at about 4am to get more tylenol and ibuprophen.

We called his doc and explained everything to her. She advised us to bring eli in for lab work and chest xray. She has said that he looks terrible. Heather and eli are at the er now talking to docs and waiting for results to see whats next.

I feel helpless. I cant help my little man feel better. Heather and i tried everything. Im at home trying to get better. I woke up feeling horrible. Heather took very good care of me. The kids helped out alot this morning. Im very luck to have such a great family.

I will update more when i hear from heather.
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