Friday, January 7, 2011

Update from yesturday

Yesturday was very rough. Eli had issues with tpn. His mag and sugar levels didnt stay were they needed to be. Doc came in and we talked.his doc is super cool. She meets all of my pillars in life. Sometimes i dont like what she says but sometimes you have to say what you have to say. She said that we would start at 2ml of formula and 8ml of pedilyte. We got transfered to PED floor.

Once up here we got back to our room. Unfortunatly we got a nurse who was hmm how can i put this.... less than desireable. We wanted to change however we figured we can wait a few hours to get a new one. We fought with her and well i was less than nice to her after hours of the crap. Mainly it was over his feeds. Everyone wanted him to be on 35ml/hr for fluids. We were not overly thrilled with that because she was "just following orders". We questioned her multiple times and told her that she wasnt going to increase the j tube because he cant handle it and put tpn at 25 he couldn't handle 9.78. She really angered us. She called the doc on call and the doc agreed. However she still wasn't listening. We finally just said we aren't doing it and we will wait for one of our favorite nurses. The nurse wasn't thrilled. She was even talking about us at the nurses station.

The night nurse is awesome we have had since eli was a few days old. She listened to me and did everything that needed to be done. Eli is now on the 30 of tpn and 5 of pedilyte and handeling it very well. Swelling is down. So the night went pretty well

We got our first room back late last night. A very sentimental room. Waiting for doc to come in. We have to talk to her about replaceing the gj and we need a new gi do. We were fired without being told. Word has it eli is too complicated and the gi doc doesnt know what to do. Humph busy day ahead of us it appears. Will update when i can.

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