Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7:00am update

Eli did pee this morning so no cath yet. They are doing a UA to see of any infection. Bile leakage seems to have decreased. He is coughing again. Heartrate hasnt changed much. It is still high for him. Dr Mo his cardiologist came very early. It was suprising. I explained as much as I could and Heather talked to him as she was driving in. The one thing that just pisses me off is when he was called he was only told that we were here. He wasnt told about the elevated heartrate which DUH is the reason to call a Pedatric Heart Specialist. He is ordering a EKG for eli and says he will be around so he will have them fax over the info as soon as they get it so he can make a decision if he needs to do more testing. Waiting for Dr Molik on for the surgery side of things. We will just have to play the waiting game again. Will update as the day goes.

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