Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our wedding

Yesterday was very busy. We got up and hung out for a bit. Watched a little bit of netflix. Then i went home for a bit got some laundry done. Went to the store got a cd for our wedding. Then back up to the hospital. Heather and i went and got balloons. We placed them at the front desk and at the holt conference room. The caterers were awesome. They made a cake for us, three tier. They decorated the room. Gave us punch,mints,and nuts. They donated it all. I was very surprised. One of our friends took pictures for us. One of our friends got us flowers. Heather had so much help getting her hair and makeup done. We also got a dress donated. So in 72hrs of planning and alot of fantastic friends. We were able to pull off a fantastic wedding. It was very fun and heather.

WOW she looked fantastic. I didn't get to see her until the wedding which is what i wanted. They did pictures of me and the girls and pictures of heather and the boys they walked us down. When it was ready i walked in first(the night before i bought some red lightning mc queen glasses) so i put on my glasses and walked into holt. Everyone looked towards me and laughed it was nice and it helped me relax abit. I got up to the front and waited with my witness mike. He is one of our good friends.

Then the music came on and saw heather coming thru the door. I didn't even realize the music was on. She was so beautiful in her dress. She walked down the aisle i couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was so beautiful in her dress. She was sparkling from head to toe; come to find out her haha was her sparkling flip flop which are so her. She also had on some beautiful jewelry. Diamond earrings that made her ears pop. A beautiful necklace that made her neck shine. She also had a fantastic bracelet that helped tie all the jewelery together. She has great taste. She made her way down to where i was standing we met eye to eye. Char mikes fiance was heathers witness. She stood behind heather.

The chaplain started with the introductions. Heather and i said i do. We then stated our vows, that we both wrote. I was very happy. The chaplain then read a poem that heather had picked out the night before, it was a total surprise to me. It was a very beautiful and fitting for the occasion. We then were announced as mr and mrs tomkins. We then walked back down the aisle and bubbles were blown.

We talked to people for a bit got lots of pictures. We cut the cake and feed each other. We both were very very nice to each other no smashing into faces. Our friend chelle took a bunch more pictures. Eli was able to come down the doctors let him he need to wear his TB mask. He was in the front row with his nurse. He was super fussy i tried to calm him multiple times. It was all just too much for him. Once the ceremony start he calmed down. However he got pretty fussy once pictures were started.he went back to the room and took a nap. Afterwards heather and i got all the things back to our room and went out to eat. We were totally exhausted.

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