Tuesday, January 11, 2011

working today

Wow so many feelings running through my head. Compassion frustration sadness, anger happiness. I know these are crazy to have so many feelings all at once not sure which one is the dominate one. Heather is waiting on the doctor to come. Her rounds are much later than yesturday. She is also waiting on the nuerologist. Someone has to do something. This GI thing needs to be fixed.Someone has to know something. So far everyone is at a wait and see. Heather and I are lets fix whats going on. Unfortunatly all I want to do is tell them what they are going to do. That usually gets me into lots of  trouble. I have a problem with just asking them to do something with just a little push. Hopeing it doesn't come to that. I will be making alot of people very unhappy with me. I know heather will talk to his doc and I hope the doc truely listens to what we are asking for. It's really not much just to do as she said she would in a reasonable time frame.It's been over a week to me this is long enough to wait the reasonable time frame has past. Missing my family. Got to go back to work.

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