Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update for the day

Well today went better than expected on the trial. So far he hasn't had alot of diahrea or discomfort. Starting tomorrow they will be uping his elecare and decreasing his pedilyte by 2ml every 8hrs. Doc says if he does well with that she will increase alittle more.

eli played on the floor today for abit working on some skills. He got pretty tired pretty quick. So we didnt do much. We are just trying not to loose anything more.

we also talked to the doc today. Boy sometimes the four pillars of our life just suck. However without them though we would have the great team we have in place. We wouldn't feel comfortable with the people taking care of eli. It's very important to me to have it that way. However doesn't always make me happy when i hear that way. Kind of a reality check.

So far we stay put and see how these trials pan out. On monday we will start to consult with GI doc since ours decided to fire us without warning or notifacation. Still re bothers me that she did that.however what can you do. If she cant help eli and follow our life moto then we don't want to have her.

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