Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update 530pm

Humph today has been along day so far. With very few answers. We found out with our first time in radiology we found out that there is no obstruction. Which is good and bad all in one shot. Eli had i think about 30 cc of barium in his j tube. He cried and cried my tiny man was very uncomfortable. We had to get his nurse to come down and give him motrin. The tech wasnt very nice he disagreed with the orders. He also wouldnt change his gj tube. And we also almost didnt get his polick valve test. Heather told him that was not gonna happen.

About 20 minutes later we were back down to radiology for a gastric empting. Holy cow much better experience. The test showed that everything looked fine. The problem is when they put the radioactive material in it leak all over the place. So someone saw it other than us first hand.

We are back to square one though. No one has any ideas eli is in a whole lot of pain when anything goes into his j and it leaks out of his g. He also coughed up some of the bile. Which he isnt supposed to be able to do. We are watching him very closely to make sure he isnt going to asperate on stomach acid.

We also missed his surgeon which we have been waiting for since yesturday. She was supposed to be here this morning and never showed. Then she comes when we are in radiology for almost 5hrs. No one told us she was here until we came back. Surgery is supposed to be tomorrow which she will do the port and the the bear testing for hearing.

Now just waiting for his hospital doc to see what's next. she has to give us some path to go some ideas to try. my little man can't keep living this way.

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